Somewhere Down the Road by Mary Eleanor Wilson

Somewhere Down the Road by Mary Eleanor Wilson
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (112 pgs)
Heat level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

When the Civil War tears her family apart, Tassie Folden must journey from her Tennessee home to a new life with her aunt in Cincinnati. When she runs into trouble in dangerous territory, she is aided by a handsome Union officer. When their paths cross again, Tassie begins to wonder if her future might include him. But Major Micah Corchoran is the most secretive man she’s ever met. What is he hiding? And how can they have a future together if he won’t trust her?

Micah Corchoran uses his position in the Union Army to aid in a dangerous and secretive cause. Returning home from the war, he again encounters the lovely Southern belle he aided on the road. He’s already fallen for Tassie, but loving her could put his family at risk. Can he trust her with his secret?

When his secret comes to light and the schemes of a blackmailer are exposed, Tassie hopes her journey is complete. Does her future lie here or somewhere down the road?

During the Civil War, Tassandra Folden lost most of her family. When she finds herself alone in Piney Gap, Tennessee she decides to pack her few belongings to leave the memories of the war and its destruction behind her to travel north to make a new start with her Aunt Margot. Along her journey she becomes ill. Nursing and caring for her is a loving family that welcomes her. Will Tassandra make her new home with the Corchoran family or will hope that her brother survived the war lead her to Cincinnati?

Somewhere Down the Road is a warm story that centers around compassion and family. Though Tassie is a stranger she is welcomed and loved within the Corchoran household. She is included in the daily chores and quilt making. This is a heartwarming book with a family that shows such compassion that they would reach out to help a stranger. The story grabbed at my heart and I had hopes that everything would work out. It wouldn’t be a story if it didn’t have a bad weed trying to spoil the beauty of family life trying to blossom. Caroline Clark knows that Micah Corchoran will marry her when he returns from the war, but will Tassie’s appearance alter Caroline’s dream of matrimony?

Much details or depth wasn’t given about each character but they are likable. I found myself wanting good for them. During the war they each lost so much, they didn’t dwell on it but found the strength to help others. I thought this was very encouraging. I enjoy historical romance and family settings and this was a book that brought both. The author did a good job in relaying the storyline as well as including historical facts.

I was a little confused about the brother Matthew’s roll in the book. I couldn’t follow or understand what happened on the battlefield that led to such secrecy. Also the physical attraction was evident between Tassie and Micah but I didn’t feel the coziness of their attraction building into love.

This is a nice story with a little mystery that kept my interest. A balance of good and bad characters makes for an interesting story. This would be a book that I would recommend to those that enjoy a casual read that doesn’t include a lot of action but still a story that leaves an impact.

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