Something Old by Lena Hart

Something Old by Lena Hart
Publisher: Maroon Ash
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (184 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

Jilted by the one woman he’s ever loved, small town sheriff Guy Lawson vows never to let himself be so vulnerable. But when the woman who broke his heart returns to Cedar Bend, he is forced to uphold an old promise he made long ago…

After two years of running from her father’s death, Zamya “Mya” Daniels is ready to win back the man she loves. Except Guy doesn’t believe in second chances. When Mya sets out to repair their broken relationship, Guy’s guarded heart is helpless against his body’s desires.

Will their old bond be enough to save their love—or will they come to accept that some things just aren’t meant to last?

This was a quick enjoyable read that offered a plot that brought something different. Young Zamya ‘Mya’ Daniels just lost her father and felt that being committed to Guy Lawson was a lot of pressure for her. So she left him and the country to live with her mother for two years. The chapter opens with Mya in route to Cedar Bend. Guy hasn’t been notified that Mya is returning; so her return is a shock to him. This shock brings about the question: will Mya be able to win Guy’s trust and heart back?

I enjoyed this book and how the author brought something new as a plot. The book opens with a twist and gives the reason for Guy’s distrust and wounded heart. I was curious how or if this relationship could be saved. Guy’s heart was broken and cut deep when Mya left him. I felt the attraction and desire that Guy had towards Mya; though Mya expressed her feelings for Guy I didn’t really feel that her love was shown. It was more so she was living for the Guy she remembered two years ago and expected him to pick up where she left off.

This story gave a powerful statement on forgiveness and second chances. Guy is written as a strong and dedicated man. I like how he stands his ground to the mayor and even to Mya. The way Mya just popped back into his life he kept his guard up. Mya seemed kind of unsure of what she wanted. She felt the need to come back to Guy when she got ready. She seemed selfish to me in wanting Guy to have feelings for her, and wanting him to make a place for her in his life.

Mya wasn’t the most likable character to me, but the writing was sweet and I wanted Mya and Guy to end up together. In some way it just felt like after all they’ve been through they would work through their issues and have a happy ending together.

This is a sweet read that will be sure to tug on readers that enjoy a well written happy romance.

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