Sol and the Magic Fingers by Doris O’Connor

Sol and the Magic Fingers by Doris O’Connor
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Length: Short story (27 pages)
Genre: Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Other: M/F, Toys, BDSM
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Bittersweet

Breaking your e-reader at the end of a long and trying day is enough to send any woman over the edge. Karen’s one treat are her naughty stories. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Saucy stories in the old library? It doesn’t seem likely, but when Karen is sent home with an odd looking reading device, magic happens at the touch of her fingers. Is the drop dead gorgeous man she encounters real or just a flight of her imagination?

Caught in a weekend of sexual delight, will she lose her heart, as well as her inhibitions? And is there any future for the two of them?

Magical! And Hot! And Sweet! Sol and the Magic Fingers had me enraptured from page one. Like with many good short stories, it would have been fabulous to know more. It would have been great to delve more into the characters and especially into the history of the genie, but Sol and the Magic Fingers is also perfect the way it is.

In little less than 30 pages, the author provides a quick short romance and erotic fix that didn’t leave me hanging in any way. The story flows easily, from a captivating beginning to a romantic and sizzling middle to a magical end. There were moments where I was squirming in my seat and moments were my heart was breaking for the characters. Characters that were well built for such a short space. Karen is easily identifiable with through her insecurities and loneliness whilst Sol is plain dreamy.

Well written, the sizzling sexual scenes play a major role in this erotic romance and they alter from scorching (loved the shower scene) to sweet.

Overall, Ms. Doris O’ Connor’s short story is an enjoyable read for any given moment of the day. I was only left with one question: where can I find one of those e-readers?

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