Soft Stone by Megan Slayer

Soft Stone by Megan Slayer
Celestial Mates, book 8
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Two men from different walks of life find they’ve got more in common than they think, but can they have a shared love, too?

Zeus has cursed so many beings. He’s done things he’s not proud of and believes he’s unworthy of love because he’s damaged. When he visits Vegas looking for a weekend fling, he meets Stone, a human posing as a statue. Can the most dangerous god find love with a man pretending to be a sculpture?
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Stone Martin wasn’t looking for love. He needs money and fast. The bills are piling up and his troubles are deepening. He only poses as a sculpture because the cash is decent. He meets Zeus and knows he’s too good to be true. When Zeus offers him a way out of his dead-end life, will he be strong enough to believe in the magic or will he lose his chance at having the love of his life?

After many years alone Zeus is not just lonely, but tired of his relationships failing. Determined to walk among the humans and try just once more, he comes down to Vegas and decides to try his luck and find a lasting lover. Stone was a statue performance artist and although at first he’s dubious about wanting to spend time chatting with Zeus the man intrigues him and so he gives in. Can they each find what they want from the other?

This is a fast paced M/M romance that is different and interesting. I was a little surprised Zeus didn’t seem as egotistical and overbearing as he is often portrayed. This sort of made sense seeing as he is one of the two heroes – but the different outlook on the Greek god threw me for a little while. I grew attached to Stone much more quickly, partly because I had no pre-conceived notions about him but also as a human and quite modern he felt a lot more relatable to me. I was impressed and intrigued how Zeus and Stone interacted and how their characters came to know each other.

I was pleased that while this story has plenty of steamy sex there was an intense and detailed plot as well. Zeus has some personal stuff to work through but Stone’s life – his work and his sister in particular – make two very interesting sub-plots as well. Readers who enjoy a steamy romance but plenty of plot as well should be particularly pleased with this quick read. I felt the author did a great job both with the pacing and balance between relationship and plot.

While there is mention of previous books in this series I haven’t read many of them and could still follow along with everything quite well – I feel this book stands well on it’s own and the others don’t need to be read for this to be fully enjoyed.

Hot and with two interesting characters and a lot of solid plot – this was a good and quick read.

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