Soft Steel by Megan Slayer

Soft Steel by Megan Slayer
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short story (68 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal play
Rating: 3.5 stars
Review by Moonflower

Valermo Dax wants to be loved. He doesn’t fit into societal molds and he’s fine with that. If he can find a guy who adores him as-is, even better. Stripping isn’t getting him noticed by the kind of guys he wants to date—until Corey walks into the club.
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Corey Blumenthal knows who he wants to see at the club—Val. Ever since they shared a biology class four years ago, he’s crushed on the sexy man sporting glitter and those sky-high heels. He finally winds up the courage to take Val home, but things don’t go as planned. A curse, shouted in anger, turns their world upside down.

Can these two men find the strength, courage, and love they always knew they had in order to save each other? Or will the curse change them forever?

Val got his education on the streets and just wants to be loved. Corey is a Teaching Assistant who wants Val and has since school. Surely nothing can go wrong, right? Wrong! In this fast-paced novella, Val is cursed but it is Corey who ends up in the biggest predicament.

This is the sixth book in the Celestial Mates series and I do wish I had read the others prior to reading this one. I think it would have given me more information about just what is going on. Now, to be fair, this story is understandable and I felt for Val and Corey. It’s just, for me, I would have liked more information about the characters who appear in this and who actually play a rather big role.

Saying that though, this was a very good coffee-break book because it’s a quick and easy read. If you’re looking for a short read for a lunch break, then I recommend Soft Steel.

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