So This is Love by Elaine Coffman

So This is Love by Elaine Coffman
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (276 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Tulip

Her husband murdered, Maggie Ramsay is left the homeless widow of a Scottish duke. So she marries a California lumber baron by proxy, and sails for California to meet Adrian Mackinnon, without telling him about her three children.

Adrian wanted a beauty of a wife, but what he got was plain Maggie, who captures the hearts of his lumberjacks. She is close to capturing Adrian’s heart as well, until her children arrive, and Adrian withdraws, leaving Maggie to realize she is in love with him. Yet, the more she tries to show her love, the harder his heart becomes, and she fears he is lost to her forever. Until fate intervenes, and tragedy strikes, leaving Adrian to make a choice that will change his life forever.

So This is Love is the fourth book in the Mackinnon series. It is a heartwarming and romantic tale that took me back to the days when I first fell in love with the Historical Romance genre. It is a brilliantly written novel, with believable characters whose lives are in such turmoil that I was drawn into the story right from the start. Their path to love was strewn with heartache, grief and pain. With conflict and suspense aplenty, So This is Love is a compelling and dramatic book.

In this complex book we meet Maggie, a Scottish lass whose husband meets death at the hands of a greedy relative. Maggie and her three small children are in a bad situation, which leads her to accept a marriage to Adrian Mackinnon. Adrian is pining after his lost love, the woman who married his twin brother, Alex, in For All the Right Reasons. I must say that losing Katherine had left Adrian a bitter man indeed. In fact I found him hard to like . He has decided that he will have his brother Ross find him a suitable lady, and sends an impossibly long list of requirements for his bride to be. Ross breaks the rules and sends Maggie, leaving out the fact that she is a widow with three children.

Adrian had some high expectations in his new wife, yet he acted less than a gentleman himself. At first he came across as cold-hearted, sending for a bride and then looking for reasons to hate her. It was almost as if he didn’t want her to replace Katherine. In fact I was sure of it as he went on worshiping her and made his feelings no secret. He was not a happy man and took it out on Maggie. I got so mad at him for some of the things he did that hurt her.

Maggie was a very likeable heroine. She was sensible and forthright, and showed great patience with Adrian. She didn’t set out to decieve her husband, she didn’t know what Ross had done. She felt guilty after realizing that Adrian didn’t know everything about her. She wanted the marriage to work and hoped to make him fall in love with her before revealing some things she knew he wouldn’t take well. I liked that she stood up to Adrian when he acted like a jerk. Not once did she come across as a simpering doormat.

The character developement was excellent, delving into personalities and showing me why they made the decisions they did. I found out that they were both conflicted about their past as well as the future. Adrian had some hidden depths that I didn’t notice right away. The story spanned several months time and the author packed a lot of heartache and turmoil in so that it never once got bogged down. Making the book even more entertaining was the suspense as someone was out to take Adrian down. Then just as Adrian and Maggie were drawing closer, the kids showed up. The story got intense at this point and I wondered if the hero could be redeemed, or even if I wanted him to be. This author knows how to make her story dramatic, it takes a near tragedy and three darling children to melt Adrian’s heart.

So This is Love is a touching and beautiful romantic novel. I found it to be a wonderful example of historical romance. I enjoyed it. I’m happy to recommend it to all lovers of romance.

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