Snowed In by Freddy MacKay


Snowed In by Freddy MacKay
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (167 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal sex
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Bittersweet

When their families celebrate Christmas, George receives one request from his boyfriend’s little sister–break up with her brother. Matters are only complicated when she finds an impulsively purchased gift he picked up for Max.

When their families celebrate Christmas at his parents’ cabin, George receives one request from his boyfriend’s little sister, Courtney–break up with her brother. George is devastated that the cute as a button high school freshman has gone from loving to hating him with no explanation as to why, and insecurities about his relationship with Max rear their ugly head.

Max tries to distract and comfort George, but Courtney becomes more hostile and less festive by the minute, upsetting everyone in the house. George leaves to do some last minute shopping and to give Courtney some space only to run into his ex-boyfriend, which further complicates everything.

Sometimes mixing Christmas with family is a toxic combination.

Snowed In started out strong. A 14-year-old girl, Courtney, questioning her brother’s boyfriend about safe sex- it was easy to imagine and laugh about the awkwardness. However, as it turns out, the story became a bit predictable for me. Especially when it came to Courtney, her modus operandi and why she had an aversion to George and Max dating.

Regardless, I did enjoy the novel. The relationship between George and Max, which seems to have started in an earlier book, is strong and the author aptly conveys just how well Max understands his partner. The sex between them ranges between incredibly hot and sweet and was a pleasure to read. Furthermore, Freddy Mackay makes Snowed In more than a Christmas read as she also touches upon real life issues such as gay discrimination, safe sex, consequences and hiding from ourselves and our feelings. Though the general plot is expected, the author has a knack for describing the tense moments as well as the happy ones.

Finally, the end of Snowed In surprised me. Though it is not sad, it left a bittersweet taste in my mouth. Overall, Snowed In was a nice read with a few life lessons included.

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