Snowed In, a F/F Anthology by Aiden McKenna, Cassandra McMurphy, Shira Glassman, Jessica Payseur, and Sheri Velarde

Snowed In, a F/F Anthology by Aiden McKenna, Cassandra McMurphy, Shira Glassman, Jessica Payseur, and Sheri Velarde
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Contemporary, Historical
Length: Short Story (109 pages)
Other: F/F, Toys, mild BDSM
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Snowed In is a blend of frost, snow, and wintery lesbian romances from five Torquere Press authors.

A snowed-in band mom falls for a music teacher in Fearless by Shira Glassman. In To Melt a Frozen Heart, Heather finds herself stranded in a blizzard, by Sheri Velarde. Jessica Payseur delivers an icy little fantasy in Frost and Ice. Because of a snowstorm, Rebekah’s not so lonely when Lily can’t make it home in At the Bottom of the Mountain by Aiden McKenna. In Cold Chemistry by Cassandra McMurphy, Alyssa doesn’t want to want Jayne, but she can’t seem to help herself.

Sometimes all you need to feel sexy is a little snow and ice.

The chemistry between Lana and her daughter’s music teacher, Melanie, was strong in “Fearless.” I really enjoyed watching it slowly heat up as they got to know each other better at the competition they were chaperoning. They were so compatible that I couldn’t wait for them to realize just how much they had in common and do something about their feelings. While I don’t know if Ms. Glassman is planning to write a sequel, there sure seems to be room for one here.

Heather’s chilly predicament in “To Melt a Frozen Heart” made me shiver in sympathy. Her relationship with Ana, the woman who took her in for the night, moved too fast for my tastes, but I can’t deny that there were sparks between them. Had their connection been given more time to develop, this would have been my favorite tale in the collection as the dialogue was handled well and the sex scene was pretty hot.

“Frost and Ice” started off with Isolde and Jaq using magic to battle over where the boundaries between their territories should be drawn. While I was fascinated by the idea of a magical duel, the transition from fighting to passion never quite made sense to me. I would have preferred to see more time spent showing why two people who seem to dislike each other as much as they do would want to end up in bed together.

What I liked the most about “At the Bottom of the Mountain” was how descriptive it was. Everything from the sound of wind rattling a padlock outdoors to the sight of the old, cozy farmhouse Rebekah lived in was described in great detail. I could picture everything that happened in great detail. It made me feel as though I was waiting out the snowstorm with the characters, and that’s exactly what I like finding in a story.

“Cold Chemistry” was deliciously flirtatious from the beginning. The playful dialogue brought many of Alyssa and Jayne’s hidden desires to the surface in ways that felt completely natural. It was fun to see them slowly grow closer to each other as their flirting gave way to more serious advances.

Snowed In, a F/F Anthology should be read by anyone who needs an excuse to warm up.

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