Smile Again, Jenny Lee by Carlo Caldana

Smile Again, Jenny Lee by Carlo Caldana
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (230 pgs)
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

Jenny Lee is an outspoken and temperamental tennis star whose career is brought to an end following a mysterious accident. After her agent runs away with her money, Jenny finds herself struggling to find financial support and restart her career. Desperate for help, she searches for her father who abandoned her when she was a child. She soon tracks down a man with a shady past who left a trail of family secrets and intrigues. Her search also leads her to uncover the mystery of her accident.

Lies were told, secrets were kept. When the deceit and dishonesty unravels; it has the ability to make or destroy lives already at the brink.

Jenny Lee was a professional tennis player but an accident, or rather an attack, puts a halt in her career. It took a long time for her to come to her feet however by that time she was penniless. Not because of the money that took to get her to recover but due to the fact that her agent ran away with her money. With no money and in need of someone to fund the return to her career she searches for her father who left when Jenny was very young.

With the help of a man, Charles Landale, she tries to track down her father. The truth about her father leads her to find the truth about her accident/attack.

Jenny was an exceptional professional tennis player with a tendency to distrust everyone around her and being very forward in what she said. She would say first and never think of the consequences. This results her in acquiring more enemies than friends.

So, when she was attacked it wasn’t a surprise that not many came to forward to help her through. Jenny is an extremely stubborn woman. When she wanted to search for her father and make him pay the financial support that she required to restart her career. She is a very goal oriented woman, but arrogant and very bitter. She had a reputation of being to just about anyone and this part of her showed through a lot. Almost to the point that I considered stopping reading the book but the mystery of what happened to her father made me keep moving forward.

Jenny has a lot of attitude problems but she also shows her soft side in some parts of this novel though it’s only a handful of times. In my opinion it is not enough.  With the advancing story Jenny starts to rebuild herself, though I don’t think even she realized this.

The mystery of her father changed her. Forgiveness, appreciation, love…. She learns the good side of things. She learns to trust people. And that was the highlight for me. When her father ran out on her mother and her she had erected walls around her heart. This is a very touching story but Jenny’s attitude almost hid this.

Charles Landale, a janitor who doesn’t remember his identity but knows that Howard Dancy is his friend, helps Jenny in finding her father.  The mystery of what happened to her father is very surprising and very well constructed.

Smile Again, Jenny Lee is a mystery that sent me reeling and wanting to come back for more.

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