Siren Unleashed by Sophie Oak

3rd place 2013

Siren Unleashed by Sophie Oak
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (297 pgs)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, Ménage, Anal Play, Spanking
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Twin detectives Ben and Chase Dawson have been sent to investigate an unusual murder at a resort owned by Julian Lodge. Julian wants them to protect the prime suspect, a young submissive who was the last person to see the victim alive. The job seems simple until Ben and Chase discover that the beautiful submissive they both desire has a dark past.

Natalie Buchanan came to the Willow Fork Tranquility Spa seeking sanctuary after escaping the clutches of a twisted sadist. Working as a massage therapist at the resort has given her a chance to heal as well as access to the spa’s secret dungeon. But when one of her regular clients ends up dead on her table, Natalie fears that the monster she once escaped has come back to claim her.

As Natalie rediscovers the beauty of BDSM with her twin Masters, all three will be forced to confront her past.

Kidnapped, caged and beaten…but not broken, not quite. This has been Natalie Buchanan’s reality for more months than she can count. Having been raised around the BDSM lifestyle her whole life lead her to search out her own Dom when she was ready. What she found instead was something so dark and sinister it almost took away her desire to live. If it hadn’t been for a certain Kitten and later the help of one very powerful Club owner, she might never have gained a second lease on life much less find the men who would bring her full circle and surround her with more love than she could fathom.

It would be a hard won HEA but, oh my goodness, I cried, laughed, cheered and rejoiced with every step towards the end of this fantastic story. Actually, I should change that to “the beginning” of an amazing love story. Everything Chase, Ben and Natalie go through from the first time they meet is leading up to when all three are able to firmly shove the past into its proper place and replace the nightmares with the possibilities and hope of a future together.

Do you get all gooey over the sexy brooding over-protective type of guy? I know I do. Let me introduce you to Chase Dawson. If you’ve ready most any of the last four or so Siren series books you’ve already met this hottie who has no mouth filter. He doesn’t think about what he’s going to say, he just says it and rarely, if ever, cares about who may be listening. He loves his twin brother, his computer, solving homicides and women. Those last two run a close race to tie for third place and sometimes his computer beats out his brother. Like any proper brooder, Chase has self-esteem issues. He and his brother put me in mind of a certain set of symbiotic Fae kings. Anyway, Chase’s issues don’t keep him from meeting and bedding plenty of lovely ladies but they keep him from making a real connection. That’s where having an identical wingman to tag team with comes in handy.

Speaking of the very sweet and sexy twin brother, Ben would be a candidate for sainthood if it wasn’t for the fact that he really enjoys spanking women. Ben Dawson is the epitome of longsuffering. You’ve met Chase already. Wait until you meet his sister, Georgia, you’ll understand. His gentle caring side made me sigh but it was his uber alpha maleness that left me panting. Ben is the charmer of the two. Given a few minutes, he could charm rain from a clear sky. Yeah, he’s that good.

Together Ben and Chase push Natalie to become the woman she was meant to be before she fell into Hawk’s cage. The imagery Ms. Oak paints into the story gave such a clear and concise depiction of how much both Natalie and Kitten suffered at the hands of this mad man.

When this epic adventure starts Natalie has already began taking baby steps to regain a piece of herself. Her brightly colored hair and strategic piercings may seem silly or frivolous to some but it’s clear they are wins for her because she made the decisions to alter herself in ways that made her visible. Hawk went out of his way to make the women he kidnapped believe that they were less than human and didn’t deserve to be noticed. I don’t know if Natalie made the connection of “Cotton Candy” pink hair with a cry to be seen as a viable human on purpose or if it was more of a subconscious move but it certainly caught the attention of two honest to goodness heroes.

I’ve come to the conclusion that author Sophie Oak must have been a Domme in another life. Few authors enjoy torturing their characters as much as she does. What’s more, she’s turned her fan girls into bratty begging subs who hang on every word of her books as she puts her heroes and heroines through the wringer. We can’t get enough of the stories that come from her world building no matter if they’re set in Bliss, CO, Dallas, TX or on a completely different paranormal plane of existence. I told someone recently it’s very much like a giant puzzle and every story she writes adds a few more pieces. It’s pretty incredible how she manages to shift and move from one series to another and yet it seems like one seamless story when they’re read in order, including the paranormal.

Something else Ms. Oak did, that is a total win in my book, is how she has taken two characters that could have very easily been relegated forever to secondary character status without ever realizing their story potential and built them up to be two of the most anticipated books of the series. Logan was a laid back naive young sheriff’s deputy when we first met him in Three To Ride. Kitten made her first appearance and a very real impression on readers in Siren in Bloom. Readers were there to witness Logan’s loss of innocence to some Russian mafia men but we only got small glimpses of Kitten’s back story. Hold on to your hats because you learn A LOT about who Kitten was and how she came to be in Siren Unleashed. We also meet Logan’s future heroine. He’s gonna need some help for sure. This isn’t their stories but, man, Ms. Oaks sets then up to be one more wild ride. I can’t wait.

Siren Unleashed is a stand-alone story but there are so many reoccurring characters from the other books, I would strongly recommend reading them in order. Don’t let the terrific number of books in the two main and one side series keep you from reading this one. It has easily become my favorite story so far and I’m so excited to see what she gives us next. I feel like Oliver Twist, “please, ma’am, may we have some more?”. Pick up this latest Siren adventure or start at the beginning with Small Town Siren and work your way through Texas, Colorado and beyond but just don’t miss the ride.


  1. Sophie Oak has managed to blend together suspense, action, mystery, love, guilt, and extremely HOT sex into her books in a way that I have never seen! She is truly a talented author and I personally have loved every book of hers that I have read! I recommend her to anyone who loves a book that will always keep you on your toes and doesn’t mind some BDSM or threesomes (or both) here and there.

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