Silent Deceit by Kallie Lane

Silent Deceit by Kallie Lane
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Action/Adventure
Length: Short Story (85 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 2.5 stars
Reviewed by Daisy

When undercover cop Natasha Roberts sets out to find her missing brother, the trail leads to a biker bar where one false move will get her killed. Taking a job as a bartender at Trailblazer’s, she’s in over head almost before she starts.

Skip McQuade, a cop himself, isn’t impressed. But when orders from his CO come down, he’s forced to stick to her like Velcro in order to find out what she’s doing. It doesn’t take him long to realize the odds are stacked against her. Convincing her to become his partner is hard work, but when she finally agrees, he wastes no time getting in on the search.

Together, they continue the hunt while fighting the growing passion between them. Will they find her brother and stop a killer in time?

Silent Deceit is a short, kicker of a story with a hot-tempered heroine and a more reasonable (if a little shifty to begin with) hero. The pace is fast, the action is full of mysterious hiding places and a few dramatic scenes of peril.

The environment feels very wild west, with miles and miles worth of forgotten mines fixed up with brand new electronics for a very seedy character who lords over a bar full of criminals from both sides of the tracks. The description for the setting is well done and I had a clear visual and visceral sense of the scene. With the hot passion of the leads thrown in every time they slide up against each other while desperately trying not to think of sex, this story has everything to be a real show down.

Unfortunately, I found the action too fast to be believable. The heat between the protagonists is raging but Natasha goes from thinking Skip is a murderer to hopping into bed with him in record time. There is a need for more shock, character development and joining of hands before the sheets get covered in sweat.

Having said that, some readers will like the short wait until “the good bit” and may enjoy that the romance is not too romantic but rather more lusty. That’s not to say the protagonists don’t like each other, but they aren’t against getting in a quickie before work calls, either.

All in all, that style of romance is not to my taste but I can recognise the constraints of a novella and the time it leaves for character and plot development. I felt more could have been done with the space Lane had but some will love this book for the raunchy outdoors tumbles and high-risk undercover gambles. There’s even some questions left hanging at the end, ready for any lovers of the storyline to hang onto, ready for the sequel. In short, this is a book of young lust and mischief with a couple bad guys looking in.

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