Shot in the Dark by HJ Raine and Kelly Wyre


Shot in the Dark by HJ Raine and Kelly Wyre
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (39 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/M, Anal Play/Rimming, Fetish (Suspension/Rope play), Toys, Spanking/Flogging
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Ellis Parker is a military man who puts his faith in truth, duty, honor, and living for the moment. Keeping that peace isn’t easy, and he reveres the person who helps him stay on his chosen path: Ellis’ former Dominant lover and New Amsterdam’s most well-connected bartender, Maxwell Clark. So when Clark makes a rare and unexpected offer that might let Ellis relive the days when Ellis was Clark’s, who is Ellis to refuse such a chance?

Ellis Parker met Maxwell Clark at a Post-Traumatic stress counseling group for ex-soldiers after Afghanistan tours. Sensing their kindred spirits, the two men become friends, then confidants. As their bonds deepen they start confessing fantasies, and Clarke admits his frustration at being a Dominant unable to find a compatible submissive. The two men start exploring with delightful satisfaction resulting for them both.

Almost immediately after starting this novella jumps back into the past and the majority of the story is Ellis re-living his and Clark’s first sexual experience together. I found this style somewhat confusing, but was quickly lost to the hot, sensual and strongly BDSM themed scene was an intoxicating read. Finally for the last few pages it jumps back into the present. The story ends on a slightly unfinished note – leaving the reader wanting more – but in particular I found myself curious by what would have been the following scene. The authors leave a tantalizing vision of what’s to come, but wrap it up before this event unfolds. I was left both satisfied with what is written, but also wanting more, in particular some resolution between the potential upcoming threesome of Clark, his partner Daniel and Ellis.

Despite the fact this isn’t traditional, it’s a wonderful story, deeply graphic without being over the top. I found the scenes tastefully and erotically written – not at all distressing, overblown or harsh. There’s plenty of chemistry and spice, and I’d suggest this as a good place for people wanting to delve further into reading of the BDSM lifestyle without jumping in head-first to anything overtly hard core.


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