Shifting is for the Goyim by Elizabeth Zelvin


Shifting is for the Goyim by Elizabeth Zelvin
Publisher: Untreed Reads
Genre: Holiday, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (23 pages)
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

Home for Passover with the family? Or a full-moon run with a werewolf pack? When Amy Greenstein, aka Emerald Love, nice Jewish girl and rising country music star, says good-bye to her boyfriend after a show in Nashville, she doesn’t know she’ll never see him again. Good thing she’s a shapeshifter. She’ll need to use her paranormal skills to find the killer of the man she loved.

Emerald is a popular singer, but at home she’s just a nice Jewish girl called Amy. Home for Passover, Amy hides the truth of her relationship with Michael, her lead guitarist who is also her song writer. This is not her darkest secret and she hopes her family never find out the truth. When word comes Michael is dead, Emerald hurries to the scene of his death and discovers many unusual facts to do with his world and death which confuse her even more.

This story may be short but it is packed with emotion, mystery and action. In Amy/Emerald’s world shifters are accepted as part of the Goyim (non Jews) but there will never be a Jewish shifter. It’s just not possible. Her parents have decided it’s time their daughter is married and invite a nice Jewish boy to the Passover meal. So what does Amy/Emerald do? Am I being mean when I say read the story to find out?

The interaction between the characters in this book is paranormal but in an unusual way. A great mystery with an unexpected twist, something that always adds a bit of spice to a story. Good read for lovers of paranormal.

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