Sherlock’s Home by Sharon DeVita


Sherlock’s Home by Sharon DeVita
Publisher: Samhain
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (173 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Can two polar opposites work together to secure Sherlock’s home?

Social worker Wilhelmina Walker did not rise to her position as head of the Children’s Welfare Agency by taking needless chances. When Michael Ryce, a reckless and arrogant detective who’s never met a rule he didn’t break, attempts to adopt ten-year-old T.C. Sherlock, Willie is outraged. T.C. needs stability and a worthy role model, not a man who lives to break the rules.

Michael Ryce knows what it’s like to grow up on the streets without a safety net. And when he meets the young T.C. he recognizes a kindred spirit. Determined to give him the childhood he never had, Ryce is infuriated when Willie refuses to consider his application. But when a crisis forces them to work together to save T.C., Willie and Ryce realize that not only do they love T.C., they just might be starting to love each other.

Wilhelmina is a social worker doing her best in difficult circumstances. Detective Michael Ryce is a constant thorn in her side. Helping to find foster children their perfect homes isn’t a piece of cake, but Wilhelmina is determined to do her best for the kids, and when things don’t work out it’s Michael she calls to help sort things out. When T.C. Sherlock runs away again, however, Michael’s heart is stirred and he promises the boy he can come live with him. Wilhelmina is outraged and determined there has to be a better solution than the brash, arrogant young detective. They constantly clash and the pages sizzle with their interactions.

With two such determined, stubborn minded main characters I knew this would be an really good book, and I wasn’t disappointed. Both Wilhelmina and Michael are forces to be reckoned with and Ms. DeVita doesn’t hold back with either of them as they interact. Coming from different viewpoints, both Michael and Wilhelmina in their own ways are desperate to love and care for T.C, and neither are willing to give any ground when it comes to the foster boy. Despite the story sometimes feeling somewhat dated, it’s still a wonderful tale of two people coming together – albeit kicking, shoving and dragging their feet every inch of the way – and I was delighted to devour every page.

This character driven novel is a reprint from a Silhouette Romance, and even though it is safe to share with other women in your family (older and younger) it still has a bit of spice and a ton of sexual tension. But it is the characters here, Wilhelmina, Michael and T.C in particular, who will steal your hearts and have you up long into the night turning the pages compulsively. A wonderful, heartwarming and addictive story.

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