Sharp Change by Milly Taiden


Sharp Change by Milly Taiden
Black Meadow Pack
Publisher: Etopia Press
Genre: Paranormal, Suspense/Mystery, Contemporary
Length: Full Length (150 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

Only the hottest sex can cool a wolf in heat…

After her sister is bitten by a werewolf, geneticist Sophia Reece begins researching shape-shifters and isolates a gene she calls Furry Beast–FB for short. But in her excitement over her discovery–dancing in the lab is never a good idea–she has a teeny little accident with the samples, one canine, one feline, and winds up landing on the syringes, pointy side up.

Werewolf Chase is head over heels in lust with Sophia. He can’t stop thinking about the human’s sexy body or how badly he wants to get her naked. But she acts as if he has fleas. So why, all of a sudden, does she stare at him like a wolf in heat? And what smells like cat?

When she experiences her first mating heat, Sophia isn’t prepared for the new feelings she’s experiencing, and her secret desire for Chase refuses to remain under wraps. For Chase, this is his wildest fantasy come true–to finally get his hands on the curvy, caramel-skinned Latina. But when some serious predators come sniffing around her research, Sophia will have to find out what she’s really made of, and Chase will have to decide if he’s man–or wolf–enough to make things permanent…

Uncover the truth in this blood curdling tale from an author who will have many readers hooked from the first chapter.

In Sharp Change the plot of the story focuses on the shy and nerdy Sophia, a head geneticist in the small town of Black Meadow. Since her older sister Julia was attacked by a rogue werewolf, Sophia’s main mission has been to find a cure to prevent her sister from being a shifter. While doing her research on the DNA strand that make shape shifters shift she has a klutz moment in the lab. Feeling close to normal, Sophia awakens the next morning and head to her sister’s house for a small gathering. This is where Sophia’s lust for Black Meadows pack alpha Chase, is no longer lustful but explodes into an episode of sexual escapade. Heated and full of sexual stamina, the mating scenes really will put any reader into a sensual haze.

Not only did the author do a great job in making the erotic scenes a very hot adventure, she also added a suspenseful twist including unknown bad guys who are after the DNA research Sophia has been working on. Once the bad guys, or should I say hyenas, wrecked Sophia’s lab looking for the research to suppress the shifting gene I didn’t want to put the book down. Later when Chase calls in his enforcers Seff and Riel to see who’s behind the lab break in, this only heightens the storyline. Chase has claimed Sophia as his mate and he will not let any harm come to her.

The fight scenes added extra teeth snarling adventure to the plot and made the whole werewolf scenerio true to werewolf tradition.The author did a great job in incorporating the suspense and answering any questions that arose. I also liked how the author developed Sophia from a shy, fat nerd with a crush and transformed her to be a more dominate and outspoken female. I really enjoyed the book and look forward to reading the next installment.

This erotic paranormal is one you don’t want to miss!!

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