Shadow Wars Homebound by Ursula Sinclair

Shadow Wars Homebound by Ursula Sinclair
Publisher: Isisindic, LLC
Genre: Science Fiction
Length: Full Length (214 Pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

Did you ever feel as though you don’t belong?

Veil had been a step out of place all his life. Until one day he found a phone that took him on a path far beyond the world he knew. But to get all the answers he had to save the princess he fell in love with – only to lose her once he made her a queen.

Nikki never felt she quite belonged. Until she met a man who saved her life and placed her on a throne she never knew was hers. But in order to be queen and save a world at war, she had to give up Veil.

Would you walk away from the love of a lifetime if you could prevent the destruction of a planet?

A love bound to be doomed.

One ordinary day suddenly became a day full of revelations for Veil and Nikki.

Veil finds a phone, from then on everything changed. He was fighting for his life and the life of the owner of the sweet voice on the phone. Veil and Nikki get together to find the truth which would completely change their lives forever.

They fall in love but the world that they have been introduced to would not allow them to be together.

The ideas and thoughts in books and stories that include or have extra-terrestrial beings as the main character need to be well developed. The details should walk hand in hand with the main theme of the book. I would say that Shadow Wars: Homebound very nearly succeeded in that arena though there are some facts that needed to be a little more clarified. The star systems and planets in them, the hierarchy of it all was confusing at first.

The premise was cute but it wasn’t what interested me so much about this book. It reminded me more of a movie line. A guy finds a phone and sets out to save the girl in the phone. But from the moment the truth of their lives was revealed it really picked up. The need to see how it played out held up until the end.

It was descriptive and very intelligently thought out ideas. This is a must read for those who enjoy the Sci-Fi genre.

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