Seduction on a Snowy Night by Madeline Hunter, Sabrina Jeffries, Mary Jo Putney

Seduction on a Snowy Night by Madeline Hunter, Sabrina Jeffries, Mary Jo Putney
Publisher: Kensington Books
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (322 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

This winter, steal away with the reigning queens of Regency Romance
. . . to a surprise snowstorm, the comfort of a blazing fire, and the heat of a lover’s kisses . . .

Caroline Dunham has a bone to pick with notorious rake Baron Thornhill—and a creative plan to insure his undivided attention. Yet once in close quarters, she finds herself beholden to their smoldering connection . . .

A PERFECT MATCH by Sabrina Jeffries
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love . . .

Dressed as a veiled princess, Lady Diana Lawrence is shocked to discover that the mysterious corsair who tempts her away from the costume ball is the duke she once loved and lost. Now snowed in with Castleton at a remote lodge, will she surrender to the passion still burning hotly between them?

Three bold stories of women and the men the love.

All three stories are well written and enjoyable. I was snagged in right away. My one quibble was they were short stories and I wanted more. The characters are rich and multidimensional.

In Madeline Hunter’s A Christmas Abduction, Caroline opts to kidnap the man she believes is nothing but trouble. But he’s not who she thinks he is. I liked how both characters grew through the story and became better people. I loved the way they grew closer, too.

I’m a sucker for Sabrina Jeffries’s books, so reading A Perfect Match, was a delight. Cassandra wants to marry for love, not money. When she’s whisked away by Lord Heywood, she thinks he’s out for her cash. I liked the misunderstandings and the bumps along the way as they realize the inevitable. The writing is crisp and I couldn’t help but smile as I read their story.

One Wicked Winter Night by Mary Jo Putney features Diana and Anthony. This is a classic story of the one who got away and is now back. She never quite forgot him and when he kidnaps her, she’s got a choice to make. I liked watching her squirm and struggle. Her character is relatable because she’s human. I love a good second chance story, too, so this one ticked all the right boxes.

If you’re interested in a great read for a chilly afternoon, then this might be the book you’re looking for. Grab a copy today.

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