Securing His Mate by Laura M. Baird

Securing His Mate by Laura M. Baird
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

A vow to his ailing mother gives Grizzly shifter, Micah, six months to find his mate, or he and his brothers lose their family’s land. He can’t contemplate a lifelong bond, but one tease of Nicolette’s enticing scent has him and his bear ready to do what it takes to make her his.

Nicolette and her sister are all each other have in the world so she protects their existence by living a sedate life. A chance encounter with the charming Micah has her rethinking her decisions.

But how will she view him when she learns he’s a shifter and her only experience with that world led to heartache?
Micah offers love and security, but can he convince her their bond is meant to be?

* * *

He’s reluctant to face his destiny.
She’s protected herself from more heartache.
Their bond will prove fate doesn’t make mistakes.

Vows are not meant to be broken – so Micah has to find his Mate with only one month left of the time limit given.

This is the fifth and final book in the Shifter Mail-Order Brides series, so all the other brothers have found their Mates, leaving only Micah, the youngest, left. He is fed up with the whole thing but will do his duty. He has no idea how though until he runs into Nicolette. Then he knows what he must do.

This is a typical fast-read paranormal. See Mate. Sniff Mate. Want to mate Mate. Boom! And, of course, the Mate takes it in stride. Okay, so maybe Nicolette has a wobble, but trust me, she takes it quite easy considering rape and murder were on the cards just a few minutes before.

This is a quick read at only 91 pages, so don’t expect anything too deep. However, if you are wanting a fast story that makes you smile at the HEA then I can absolutely recommend this one.

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