Secrets by Lynn Crandall


Secrets by Lynn Crandall
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full (223 pgs)
Heat: Spicy
Rated: 4 stars
Review by Poppy

Someone is making homeless cats disappear and Michelle Slade wants to put a stop to it. The office manager at Aegar Investigations and owner of cat rescue Cats Alive, she struggles to keep together the life she’s forged since the one she knew shattered five years ago on the night she was raped. She couldn’t have predicted that the rape’s impact would reach into her present life and put a strangle grip on all she holds dear, thanks to the evil machinations of powerful businessman, William Carter.

When Michelle’s problems with Carter escalate, friends rally to help her, with private investigator Casey Mitchell at the top of the line. When Casey finds his investigation takes him down a very dark path of diabolic and life-threatening research conducted by Carter Enterprises, he attempts to keep his work life and his private identity as a were-lynx separate. However, though he’s been trained his whole life to keep his identity and his colony of were-cats protected, he now struggles with terrible aloneness.

As they are thrown together to save the missing cats and remedy worse problems, Michelle and Casey can triumph and find true love, or lose everything.

A solid entry into the paranormal romance genre!

Secrets was a well plotted and interesting story filled with mystery and longing. Our heroine, Michelle, is a strong, intelligent women trying to rebuild her life after being raped five years earlier. She struggles with feeling safe and it’s also impacted her willingness to become involved with any man.

Casey is the perfect foil for her. He’s incredibly patient and sweet, and also just crazy in love with her. He treats her much like the fearful, feral cats they both deal with and it keeps her from running completely away. He’s such a great guy!

At first, I thought the premise in the blurb sounded a little silly. I love cats (I have cats), but basing an entire mystery on some missing cats? I think the blurb misrepresents the depth of the story, however, and I hope it doesn’t keep other readers from giving it a try. The truth is there is a much deeper, more frightening mystery in there and it’s all tied together with Michelle’s past and Casey’s past and current life.

The plot was interesting, but it’s clear there was at least one other book in this series. Not that this didn’t stand alone, but I could tell there was backstory with one couple here that I was missing. Even so, it didn’t really impact my enjoyment of this book, just made me wonder what had happened before (and I’ll most likely go check out what came before).

The story was also packed with interesting and unique secondary characters. The author did a great job creating a community here, and that always makes the story a better read for me. I adore having a group of people to get attached to. It gave the story a richness to be savored.

I also enjoyed her voice and writing skill, though occasionally some lines seemed strangely constructed. For example, “The thought hit Carter’s face, and the truth registered for a moment, then dropped to the floor.” While I understand what she’s trying to convey, the odd vision of a thought flying across the room like something tangible, hitting him in the face and then falling to the floor pulled me right out of the story for a moment.

Still, I completely fell in love with Casey and the romance in this book made my heart sigh. Michelle is a very lucky girl. Her solid group of friends were amazing, and I can’t wait to read more about them. While the mystery of the missing cats, and Michelle’s property battle are wrapped up in this story, other questions arise, which makes it clear there’s another installment coming. I, for one, am glad. I look forward to revisiting these characters and their world.


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