Secret Relations by Sheila M. Goss

Secret Relations by Sheila M. Goss
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (185 pgs)
Heat level: Spicy
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

Business and pleasure don’t mix…until emotion enters the scene.

Women in Hollywood, Book 1

Charlotte Richards didn’t get to be one of Hollywood’s top talent managers by dating her clients. When it comes to her career, her heart is not part of the contract—no matter how enticing the star.

From the moment she steps into Sean Maxwell’s fabulous home, though, the cool, professional persona she’s worked so hard to build threatens to melt in desire hotter than Sean’s sexy R&B lyrics.

Sean’s attraction to Charlotte is nothing new, at least not to him. He fell for her the moment he spotted her at a celebrity gala years ago. Now, with his old manager kicked to the curb, it’s the perfect time to bring her into his life.

The sparks between them blow Sean’s plan to take things slow right off the charts. And his determination to win her runs into overtime when the ghosts of his past threaten to destroy their one chance at love.

Warning: Contains a reformed playboy determined to do things right this time, and a career woman equally determined to keep her eyes off his sexy-as-sin body. Oh well, their intentions were honorable…

Book one in the Women in Hollywood series shows that secrets don’t remain secrets for long. Charlotte Richards a talent manager is well known with the stars. R & B singer, Sean Maxwell also known as Mr. Naughty is in need of a manager but finds that’s not the only service Charlotte is willing to provide.

Darryl is a prior client who nearly ruined Charlotte’s career.  This could be why Charlotte could be so cautious in pursuing a relationship with Sean. Charlotte tests the waters with Sean and then wanted to hesitate when he wants to disclose them as a couple. The story wasn’t original and it kind of played out too long. Charlotte knew what the consequences could be but she still slept with Sean. I’m not sure if she thought she could just sleep with him and keep it moving, there still was a risk of the public finding out or a repeat of what happened with Darryl.

The characters in this book weren’t visual to me as a reader. A profile wasn’t given of the characters. Also, they seemed well set in their careers giving the impression that they were older but their actions seem those of a younger person.

Dana Reliford known for managing high profile musicians, was found dead. With no leads or suspects they aren’t sure if her death was foul play or suicide but for certain reasons Sean is being brought in for questioning. This brings a little twist to the plot but is kind of downplayed with Charlotte and Sean’s relationship being top priority in the novel. For one moment I thought the case had been forgotten about. But towards the end of the book the case takes priority and is neatly solved.

Even though the book was predictable it was still readable and I still wanted to see how the ending would play out. The relationship with Charlotte and her friends are promising and well developed. The ladies share a sisterly bond that I enjoy reading about. The bedroom scenes are hot!

If you enjoy romance with a happy ending it would be a great idea to give this new series of Women in Hollywood a try.

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