Second Nature by Krista Ames

Second Nature by Krista Ames
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Length: Short Story (52 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Edelweiss

When the love of her life leaves without a word, moving on is the last thing Dana Stevenson wants to do. Despite loving him, she believes she will never see him again and builds a life without him. While Nicholas is present in her dreams, she runs when reality brings him face to face.

Navy man, Nicholas Prescott, did what he thought was best to protect the woman he loved. Driven by a family secret, he walked away from Dana without any explanation. When she arrives in town for her best friend’s wedding, he sets a plan in action. With this one chance, will he be able to make things right, or is he just too late?

How do you forgive someone for walking out on you without a word? And how can you even begin to give them a second chance?

Second Nature starts its story of lost love and second chances on an airplane, where the heroine Dana is experiencing her first airplane flight and is absolutely terrified. Dana is the real strength of this story. Her vulnerability makes her sympathetic and the author does a brilliant job of showing the effect Nick’s walking out without a word, had on her. You get the sense that Dana has only recently begun to recover from it and that her friend’s wedding is serving as an opportunity to finally put it all behind her and move on once and fall all. Because of that you feel particularly sorry for her when confronted with the shock of seeing Nick at the party thrown for her friends.

Dana’s best friend Amy is likable. She’s quirky and opinionated and has a lot of personality. Her part in trying to bring Dana and Nick together, while questionable on her part, was very much in-character and really helped her come alive for me.

Unfortunately I could not warm to the character of Nick. During the more steamy scenes between him and Dana, he had lines and actions that I was not entirely comfortable with. For example when she gets angry at him and says she’s going to walk home, his response is to grab her wrist, say “I don’t think so little lady,” and kiss her. The author does stress that Dana not only consents to the kiss but enjoys it. Still Nick didn’t not know that she would and there was a presumption and arrogance in the action given their history together. Also, at least to me, it felt oo aggressive.
In general Nick’s actions seemed more like a man who felt confident he’d win the girl, rather than those of a man who felt he had to earn her forgiveness. Indeed there seemed to be a disconnect between the way he acted and the way he thought during the passages when we saw things from his point of view.

Despite all of that however, I did like the actual relationship between the two leads. I enjoyed the honesty and maturity. Dana was open to what Nick had to say and the way she handled herself throughout the book only made me like her even more.

The story itself was very enjoyable however. I loved the short timeframe that story is told over and when was quite surprised by Nick’s story when he finally tells Dana why he left her five years ago. The book has quite a lot of plot and there was never a moment that felt dull.

Second Nature is a lot of fun. It’s very fluffy and sweet and makes for a light and enjoyable read. If you enjoy second chance romances, you’ll enjoy this one.

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