Sean and Toby by Xondra Day

Sean and Toby by Xondra Day
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (25 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

First time meetings can lead to many things, but when you meet the one guy you’re automatically attracted to—the chemistry sizzles. Strangers or not, it doesn’t matter. It’s lust at first sight and anything’s game…

Sean’s mundane job at a call center leads him to make some changes in his routine life. Getting fit is one of his goals and after joining a local gym, he meets cute and twinky Toby.

Toby nearly knocks the breath out of Sean with not only his cute looks, but also his wit and charm. Their attraction to each other is instant and Sean can’t stop thinking about Toby and his perfect butt.

Things quickly heat up between them, but Toby isn’t who Sean thought he was. Looks can be very deceiving. There’s another side to Toby’s personality. Sean’s definitely met his match!

Sean joins the gym, partly looking to build up his self-confidence after a nasty break up, but also partly to tone his body and get back into shape. He meets Toby in the locker room, and sparks instantly fly between them. After a bit of mild flirting, the two men quickly move to coffee and a lot more.

This is a good book, one that I could see being a realistic showing of how two gay men could come together and start dating. In the beginning though, I felt it moved quite slowly —there were lots of places where I expected the plot to be progressed along, only to find it was Sean recounting his day, almost like a diary. Things like the descriptions of his work day after meeting Toby before going back to the gym, and a lunch time discussion with a coworker. There were many minute details gone over, which I felt could have been cut. This would have left more space word-wise for greater details in the interactions between Sean and Toby as they actually got together. Ironically this second half of the book – where Toby and Sean interacted more intimately – felt a bit rushed, as if the author knew they were running low on space and needed to go quickly. This was the section I wanted to linger over and enjoy thoroughly. Just a few small tweaks could have changed this from a good book to a great one.

I also found the fact the story was written in the first point of view made it harder for me to understand and appreciate Toby as much as I would have liked. As the reader, I was completely in the dark for most of the story as to Toby’s thoughts, feelings and desires — because Sean wasn’t privy to it and I could only see things in his first person point of view. I felt the story as a whole could have been better rounded in third person where we could at least grasp some more depth to Toby’s character and how he felt about the entire situation and what his character was truly like.

Having said all that, this is still a good book. I enjoyed its realism — this is not some sappy or campy, unbelievable tale of two macho male models coming together, sharing a look and acting naughty in the showers. While Sean and Toby’s relationship progressed, there is room to breathe and they do discuss matters in more depth than just checking each other out. The characters are interesting and I wanted to read about them and their coming together. The plot is interesting and kept my attention throughout. I did find the flow of the story a bit stilted, but the plot and growth of the relationship between Sean and Toby was interesting, hot and full of surprises. This is an interesting read and a good portrayal of how a M/M relationship could form.


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