Scent of Fear by NJ Litz

Scent of Fear by NJ Litz
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Action/Adventure, Suspense/Mystery, Contemporary
Length: Full length (314 Pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Dryas

For Haley Richardson, fear does have a smell. So do hate and happiness.

A head injury as a child gave Haley an extraordinary sense of smell. Her gift allows Haley and her German shepherd, Jax, to be one of the most successful search and rescue teams in the Midwest. Her gift is also a curse as she detects people’s feelings. For her sanity, she’s reclusive until each time she’s called on to find the lost.

When girls begin disappearing with tragic results in her hometown, Haley teams with the county’s new sheriff, Dane Campbell, to find the killer.

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As the murders test Haley’s gift and skills, she learns that sometimes a search and rescue can be about the heart, and the heart can lead the way home.

There is a missing girl in the Lake of the Ozarks Park and it’s up to Haley Richardson, her German Shepard search and rescue dog, Jax, along with the sheriff, Dane Campbell, to find her.

Along with Jax’s nose, Holly has a gift–which is a help and a hindrance. She has a heightened sense of smell, just like the German shepherds she trains. When she was young, she had wandered off into the forest and was missing for three days, somehow, she had injured herself and thus was given her gift. She has a problem with crowds and so keeps to herself.

Not only is her town on edge, Haley is trying to reach Dane’s daughter Danica, who refuses to speak after childhood trauma. She knows what the girl is going through as she went through the same thing.

While trying prevent another child from disappearing, a sweet romance between Dane and Haley begins.

I was not able to put this book down. The plot was wonderfully done with no deviations. I was drawn into the story as if I was watching over the characters shoulders. I love the fact that the dogs are a major part of the novel, and not just in the background. As clues are slowly being uncovered things start heating up between Haley and Dane.

I have to admit that I didn’t find a single thing that I thought needed changing, except for wondering how she was injured and why her senses were changed. It’s a wonderful well-rounded book full of great characters and the healing that dogs provide. I would highly recommend this to all of my friends.

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