Say Yes by Regina Carlysle


Say Yes by Regina Carlysle
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre Contemporary
Length: Short Story (27 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Clover

“I’ll make you famous.”

She’d spoken the words, clicked off a few pictures and then scampered off toward the rodeo arena leaving him more than a little dizzy with lust. J.D. Stone, owner of the Stone’s Throw ranch is in town for business but the sassy woman has him thinking of planting his boots under her bed. Luckily for him, the pretty Melissa Bell is staying at the same hotel!

At first, J.D. Stone looked like a ghost from her past, but those long-ago imagines quickly disappear with the first touch of this sexy cowboy’s hands on her sex-starved body. The epitome of a man of the old-west, hard and strong, J.D. is everything she has ever wanted in a man but will a misunderstanding have him turning tail and running with the dawn? Not if she can help it.

Is there any other word to say when a darn hot cowboy ask you ‘that’ question?

JD Stone, burly Texan rancher, isn’t looking for love, but when he sets eyes on Melissa in his local bar he can’t help but ask her out to dinner. Dinner of course leads further – love how that bit happened – and before either of them know it, they’re in deeper than they could ever have imagined.

Melissa is a photographer, and a very good one at that, enjoying sports photography particularly though occasionally risking life and limb to get the perfect shot. She’s sassy and straight talking and finds it hard to resist a gorgeous man who is just so good at… well everything really!

Say Yes is a fun, steamy read with all the ingredients to whisk you away to fantasy land. A drool-worthy cowboy, a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to grab it and an author who writes delicious sex scenes.

I enjoyed the sense of place particularly, having never visited Texas Ms Carlysle does a nice job of taking you there, the ranch itself being particularly lovely – and my all those cowboys, phew!

Say Yes is only a short story, but still it packs a punch, has a smidgen of conflict that makes you hope for the characters happy ever after and certainly will heat up your e-reader.


  1. Thanks so very much for the wonderful review and for taking the time to read, Clover!

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