Saved By the Pink Flamingo by Linda LaRoque

Saved By the Pink Flamingo by Linda LaRoque
Publisher: Five Star Press
Genre: Suspense/Mystery, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (71 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Can one dinner with an obsessive client tear a marriage apart?

Laurel Thorne has been happily married to her husband, Boyd, for twenty years, but when he forgets their anniversary, she’s more than hurt—she’s angry. Though he’s tied up having dinner with an important client, Meredith Baxter, the picture that someone anonymously sends Laurel says that maybe the dinner wasn’t “all” business.

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But her alone time turns deadly when Boyd’s deranged client decides that he’s the man for her—not for Laurel—and there’s only one way to fix that. Laurel must die. Though the travel trailer has been a haven for her to regain her perspective, can that sanctuary provide what she needs to salvage her marriage—and stay alive? Laurel must keep her wits about her as the crazed Meredith Baxter attempts an all-out assault. Now that she knows what’s truly important, will Laurel be SAVED BY THE PINK FLAMINGO?

Sometimes jealousy is the most dangerous emotion of them all.

I liked the way this story blended the mystery and romance genres together. There were times when the plot wandered a little further in one direction than in the other, but it always swung back again. This was especially true in the scenes that involved Meredith trying to kill Laurel. That sure isn’t something I’d normally expect to find in a romance, so it was nice to have so much experience moving between those genres before the plot reached that point.

It would have been helpful to have a better understanding of Meredith’s motive for pretending to be Boyd’s mistress and attempting to harm the Thornes. Some of the things this character did were so outrageous that I really would have liked to know what she was thinking. The hints about why she was doing them simply weren’t strong enough for me because of how alarming her behavior was.

Laurel and Boyd’s relationship was complex in a good way. They loved each other, but they also had some realistic problems that needed to be resolved. After being together for twenty years, they knew each other inside and out. There were little signs of the depth of their relationship sprinkled through the storyline, and I smiled every time I noticed another one. It was a nice contrast to the conflicts they faced in their marriage.

Saved By the Pink Flamingo is something I’d recommend to fans of the mystery and romance genres alike.

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