Safe from Harm by Kate Serine

Safe from Harm by Kate Serine
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (339 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

There’s something about prosecuting attorney Elle McCoy that Deputy Gabe Dawson just can’t get enough of. Even with Gabe’s family legacy in law enforcement and promising career, Elle’s smart, sassy rejection of all his charm makes Gabe want her even more.

But Gabe’s confidence is shaken when he’s shot on the steps of the courthouse, protecting Elle from a terrorist intent on revenge. Worse, Elle isn’t out of danger yet. But as they race to counter the terrorist’s next move, Gabe determines to prove to Elle—and himself—that he’s a man worthy of her.

“Irredeemable” is what Elle McCoy, a lawyer in the prosecutor’s office, calls Deputy Gabe Dawson. She’s known him since high school when he, even then, was cocky, swaggering, arrogant and handsome with girls chasing him.

Gabe never misses a chance to rile or make a pass at Elle, the beautiful titian-haired, green-eyed lawyer. They have a unique connect that began the day he helped move her things into Elle’s Aunt Charlotte’s house after the untimely death of Elle’s parents.

She refuses to be one of his many lady friends. However, when threats and true danger come for both them and their loved ones, they stand together with firm resolve.

Love, so long denied, wiggles its way in through all the danger, strife, and ugliness and holds on tenaciously. It is like a golden thread that shines through the darkness—heart satisfying.

The anti-cop antagonist Jed Moore, with his deranged way of thinking, made this reader’s flesh crawl. The author does a wonderful job of making Jed’s character mean. What Jed has done to his own family, emotionally, mentally, and physically, is horrific.

I admit I put this good story down for a time because of the over use of crude words that did not seem to fit characters who prayed in church and who spent their time protecting and defending people. But the plot and the characters I’d come to care about pulled me back. I really wanted to know how Gabe and Elle got their happy-ever-after and to be sure Jed got his comeuppance.

The back story, the intrigue, the undercurrent of unease, the action, and the romance were well woven together to create suspense on several levels.

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