Rush Around The Clock by Silvia Violet

Rush Around The Clock by Silvia Violet
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (56 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Fern

Finn McMurphy convinces himself his spoiled dogs are all the company he needs. Then he meets Crawford, his sexy new neighbour, and everything changes.

Patient soul Finn McMurphy teaches music and drama to middle schoolers. By the time he’s finished with after-school rehearsals and the private lessons he teaches to make ends meet, he’s too exhausted to think about dating or even hanging out with friends. He’s resigned to life with his music, his students, and his ludicrously spoiled Yorkies.

Then he meets Crawford Bixby. Crawford may be the most perfect man Finn has ever met—kind, good with kids, gorgeous, and completely unconcerned with Finn’s lack of ability to be coherent around him. Finn falls hard for him, but he’s terrified of what he feels. Will he be able to step out of the controlled world he’s created for himself and take a chance on love, or will he keep making excuses—rehearsals, papers to grade, dogs to walk—and push Crawford away?

Finn McMurphy inherited his mother’s two dogs – Yip and Yap – when she passed away. While grading papers one afternoon the two little monsters got free of the garden and barked like crazy at a gorgeous man walking down the street. Crawford Bixby hardly blinked at the two furry dogs, and waited patiently while Finn got them under control. The two men got to chatting and Finn was somewhat embarrassed at his rusty flirting skills. But Crawford knows a good thing when he sees it, and he’s not about to let Finn back down.

I found this to be a wonderfully sweet story. The chemistry between Crawford and Finn is smoking hot, and the two dogs gave me some good laughs. I thought Finn was charming and adorable, the way he was so flustered and awkward. Crawford has tons of patience with him, but still manages to be quite the alpha male. I thought the premise of the story was quite realistic, and although their misunderstanding in the middle was a little clichéd, it all fit together really well and was completely understandable.

The sex is hot and graphic, but I don’t think it’s steamy enough to turn off readers who enjoy M/M. There’s a strong emotional connection between Crawford and Finn that I really liked and helped me think this would be a lovely read for those who enjoy some M/M with their spicy stories. There’s also a really well resolved end to the story and a lovely Happily Ever After that had me sighing with pleasure. Recommended.

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