Ruining Mr. Perfect by Marie Harte

Ruining Mr. Perfect by Marie Harte
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (331 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

It’s Not Easy Being Right…

Vanessa Campbell is a CPA by day and a perfectionist by night. She’s fit, successful…and decidedly lonely. She can’t stop thinking about the youngest McCauley brother, Cameron. He’s just like her: smart, attractive, and usually right—except when dealing with her.

…But Someone’s Got To Do It.

Cameron McCauley likes Vanessa a little too well. She’s a blond goddess with a razor-sharp tongue. She hates to be wrong, just like him. But she can hold a grudge and is stubborn to a fault—also like him.

A past misunderstanding has them rubbing each other the wrong way. Cam is dying to shake Vanessa up—get her to let loose. But if he succeeds, can his heart handle it?

It took a no nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is-and-make-no-apologies type of heroine to save the day and there’s no better character to get the job done than Vanessa Campbell, CPA.

I’ve been watching her character grow over the course of the series and catching tidbits of why she is so abrasive, proper, fastidious and aggressive. She’s a fascinating woman with hidden facets that were fun to discover to their full extent in Ruining Mr. Perfect. She has the reputation of making grown men cry so who could possibly get past that prickly exterior? Why, Cameron McCauley, of course.

It’s been quite enjoyable watching Cameron’s interest get piqued by the prim and proper Vanessa. Things really heated up in How to Handle a Heartbreaker with the hot stolen kiss, but the attraction really took off in this novel and it was a fun ride. Cameron is his own man. Always has been and it has caused various emotions between he and his parents. In fact the relationship he has with his parents is one of the external and internal conflicts in the book. And that conflict is what makes this story not a standalone read. Even if a reader missed Maddie’s story, they have to start with Abby’s to understand the calamity facing the McCauley household.

Of course the best conflict of the story was watching two strong-minded individuals navigate the course of a volatile and passionate relationship and the sexy sparks and fireworks it inspired. Once again, Ms. Harte provides readers with a multitude of sensual buildup, hot and steamy encounters and the bedroom door delightedly wide open.

One of the plot conflict highlights was when Cam met Vanessa’s parents for the first time. After all of the build-up and worry and internal dialogue, what came to pass was for me, anticlimactic. It had its moments but it didn’t meet my expectations. There was something missing but I can’t put my finger on it well enough to explain. Still, it was one internal conflict thread resolved.

Another facet of this story is the humor. I really was entertained by the repartee between the hero and heroine and laughed many times throughout the book. Vanessa and Cam were awesome together.

The pièce de résistance was the wrap up happy ever after ending. It was fun, funny, sexy and highly satisfying. It was true to Cam and Vanessa’s character and relationship and it was adorable. And true to form, Ms. Harte dangled the carrot of Mike and Del at the end to hook my curiosity and interest and it succeeded. I can’t wait until the next book because of all the McCauley brothers, his is going to be the most challenging. He has expectations and once a reader meets Del, they’ll realize she is the antithesis of any woman Mike has known. It’s going to be exciting!

Ruining Mr. Perfect is a great addition to the series and a fabulous read. It’s quirky, steaming hot and has enough emotional baggage to stir things up and keep it interesting. It’s mostly upbeat and always entertaining especially when Cam’s brothers and their wives are on scene to ‘help’ the two sparring lovebirds. Readers of the series are in for a treat when they pick up their own copy of Ruining Mr. Perfect. I enjoyed myself immensely and look forward to the next relationship adventure.

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