Rocked by Love by M. J. Schiller

Rocked by Love by M. J. Schiller
Love and Chaos Series Book two
Publisher: Kissmet Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

Rock star Raphael Santiago is haunted by the night his friend Devin died. Maybe because there’s something that no one knows about the overdose. But when he jumps in the crowd to defend a woman at one of his concerts, he finds he doesn’t want to keep the secret from her. Mia was a tight little ball of fire, and I was made of combustible material. She misunderstood my intentions the night we met, but I was given an opportunity to explain the next day. I wish that was our only miscommunication, but when I discovered she’d written an inflammatory article about Just Short of Chaos, I thought she was using me to get a story. The hurt that caused made me say some nasty things. Now I may have lost her forever. Mia Love doesn’t know if Rafe is truly interested in her, or if she is merely a new plaything for him. Oh, there was definitely a heat between us from day one. Sometimes volatile, sometimes scorching in a good way. But I’d been burnt before and I was stronger now. No way was I going to let a rock star break my heart. When fate throws them together again, things really start to heat up. But will they figure out how to control their passions or will their love story end in ashes?

You know how a parent tells a child to do something and the child asks why, and the parent says, ‘Because I said so’? This is how I feel writing this review. Just read this book because I said so. Ha, ha. Seriously though, Love and Chaos is a fun-filled series. I read book one and while this review is for the second book in the series, I can’t wait to start the third one as I already have it waiting for me.

Rocked by Love is a romance with a hero named Rafe. He is the guitar player in a rock band called, Just Short of Chaos. The reason why the band chose its name is a good one and is relevant and explained in this story. Rafe is an easy hero to love especially if you adore rock bands, more so if you are a rock band groupie. I consider the setting in this story to be an accurate description of that music industry’s lifestyle. A lifestyle I’ve only dreamt about with my favorite bands. Rafe has guilt over something that really wasn’t his fault, but I can see how he blames himself. That is a personal conflict that he struggles with and ultimately changes his life for the better.

Rafe is fortunate that he met the heroine, Mia. Mia is grounded and has a calming effect on Rafe’s inner turmoil. He is able to talk and tell her things that he has never told anyone else. They are like two magnets drawn to each other. Once they started to get to know and understand each other, it was inevitable that sparks would ignite. What I love about this relationship is that they communicate with each other a lot, with and without words. It’s a little chilly here, and their love filled me up with warmth.

While Rocked by Love can be read as a standalone read, I’d advise a reader not to. I feel that way probably because of the way I grew attached to the other bandmates from the first story. I feel I have a relationship with them. This sense of family is what has me eager to start book three. There is more to this series than just a rock group. Each band member has a family. They all tease each other and make me laugh. There is a sense of camaraderie among the cast of characters.

The plot is heartwarming. The author’s writing style has a way of provoking appropriate emotions from the reader during certain plot threads. Without giving spoilers, there is definitely more to this story than meets the eye. I am not happy with the synopsis because I believe it gives away much of the story. Thankfully, I can assure you that it still leaves much for a reader to discover and I am grateful for that.

This is a steady, fast paced book. I didn’t want to put it down at all. I wasn’t sad when it ended because I know I have the third book waiting for me to start as soon as I finish this review. Reviewing has been a blessing in many ways. One particular blessing is the introduction to new authors. I’m going to add M.J. Schiller to my favorite author list. I find that I really connect to her stories and enjoy the reading entertainment she provides. Other readers should give this book and its series a try.


  1. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing ROCKED BY LOVE! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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