Rock Hard by Olivia Cunning

Rock Hard by Olivia Cunning
A Sinners on Tour Book
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (436 Pages)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Anal Play, Toys, Voyeurism
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

Trapped together on the Sinners tour bus for the summer, Sed and Jessica will rediscover the millions of steamy reasons they never should have called it quits in the first place…

Rock Hard is part of Olivia Cunning’s sinfully hot series, Sinners On Tour, a look at the intense lives of a famous, although fictional, rock band, and what goes on behind the scenes, on the bus and in the hotel rooms during one tour.

Jessica Chase is determined to succeed in law school…on her terms. When her fiancé, Sedric ‘Sed’ Lionheart tries to control her life and dictate to her, she breaks their engagement (and her heart) and walks away. When she needs to earn enough for one more semester, after some setbacks at school, she dances at a Vegas club with a friend, until one night, celebrating Brian Sinclair’s recent engagement at the very same club, Sed sees Jessica on stage nearly naked and almost destroys the club.

Sed never stopped loving Jessica, but he can’t seem to get it through his head that control is the one thing that will drive her from him…again. After Jessica is fired, she accepts a job as Myrna’s assistant, not realizing that it means she will be traveling with the band, and Sed, for the next ten weeks. After some hot and sleepless nights, Jessica decides she will ‘scratch her itch’ using Sed for sex and not letting her heart become involved. Sed is delighted, but quickly learns that Jessica won’t stand for being treated as an object again. When tragedy hit too close, and Jessica realizes she could lose Sed forever, she realizes what is most important to her, and they find out that love isn’t easily forgotten after all. Can Jessica teach Sed what is important to her, and keep her identity? Can Sed learn to listen, and let loose of the reins fro time to time? Will almost losing everything be the catalyst to finally save these two?

I must confess, rock music is one of my guilty pleasures, and the men in this band are hot enough to melt hearts and panties the world over. I enjoyed this peek behind the scenes, and what happens when things aren’t always perfect. Ms. Cunning shows the vulnerable side of her strong heroes, and the determination of their women to make things happen, and she does it with humor, spontaneity, an lots of hot and steamy sex in strange and not always private places.

Jessica Chase is smart, dedicated and determined to live her life her way. When she walked away from the man she loves, it broke her heart, but she was determined to make it on her own without letting her career take second place to a controlling man like Sed. Too bad her heart didn’t get the memo. I like Jessica, with her sassy attitude, and her decision to do just like the guys do and take what she wants; and what she wants is Sed, even if it is just his body she thinks she wants. It was a delight to watch as she took what he offered, and just tried to tell herself it was only sex. Watching her teach Sed a lesson was one of the hottest parts of this one, and made the outcome all the sweeter.

Sedric ‘Sed’ Lionheart, lead singer of the Sinners, rock god beyond compare, doesn’t understand Jessica’s point of view. He is strong, talented, and just wants to protect and provide for everyone he cares about. That includes Jessica, and he just doesn’t get what went wrong. When he gets a second chance to earn her love, he is determined to listen and make things work, and I enjoyed watching as Sed began to understand what went wrong, and how he could win the love of his woman. I like watching as he learns to bite his tongue and let Jessica take the lead at times, knowing it will make things better in the end.

The interaction between the band members is such fun to see, from Trey’s unrequited love for band mate Brian, to Eric’s craziness, and Jace and his mysterious silence. But this is definitely Sed and Jessica’s story, and even when tragedy strikes, and Sed could lose it all, there is a sense that these five men will pull together and find some way to move through it and support Sed in his dark time. The heat generated by Jessica and Sed can keep a city warm on the coldest night, and the imagination and unique locations for their passionate trysts is beyond hot. Do Sed and Jessica find their happy ever after? Read Rock Hard to discover for yourself. I do recommend that Backstage Pass be read first, to discover the world Ms Cunning has so skillfully crafted.

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