Rich Life, Skinny Wallet by Erin Frey

Rich Life, Skinny Wallet by Erin Frey
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (36 pgs)
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

Who says you can’t have a fulfilling lifestyle without disposable income? That’s a myth! The secret to living well on very little is a combination of managing what you have wisely, cutting back in some places, and learning how to earn a few extra dollars or collecting rewards for things you already do. You’ll learn about free or inexpensive entertainment, the power of brand disloyalty, and a host of other things that are so obvious, you won’t believe you weren’t doing them before.

Who doesn’t want to live a rich lifestyle? This book is straight forward with the topic of ways to save. In the introduction the author stated the goal of the book and even broke the advised practices into degree levels from minimal, moderate and aggressive for those that are truly dedicated to stretching their dollars.

The disclaimer is stated that the author is not a professional financial advisor, and I like that because the book is written in a manner that is understandable for those that can benefit from the advice given.

The book is well written and in a understandable format. The advice given are practices used by the author and it’s advice that is logical and practicable.

Suggestions were given that I already practice. To name a few would be using coupons on a small scale. After reading this book I look forward to upping my game on using the three ways stated in the book to find coupons so that I can possibly save more. I already take advantage of earn cash back rewards by buying groceries at certain stores to help save at the gas pump. I buy generic store brand pain relievers instead of the popular name brand but I wasn’t aware of the Food and Drug Administration guidelines for generic drugs so the tidbit of information was useful knowledge.

Suggestions that I never thought about were advice to consult with a licensed financial advisor, this could be no cost to a low cost for a consultant. I made notes of the useful apps that were suggested and especially one that I really like the feature that can help keep a running shopping list. There were even handy tips for a coffee lover like myself on ways to save.

The author thought of everything, for example when given the suggestion to take pack lunches it was also advises to use reusable Tupperware versus plastic disposable sandwich bags. I am one that normally purchase sandwich bags so this will be an additional saving tip that I will put into practice.

Have you ever read a book and while reading you could feel the authors personality? While reading I get the feeling the author is a vibrant and fun person or maybe it could be the advice during the summer months to do hair cuts outside made me think the author has a fun personality.

This is a book where my time was well spent, and now I’m well on my way to becoming an efficient organized shopper and saver.

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