Review: Private Dancer

Private Dancer
By Ann Corey

A passion that led to darkness…

Music was his life. Bitten and cursed by a vampire, Ryder watched his career end, along with his mortality. The curse would eventually destroy him, unless he found a willing bride. Desperate for a second chance, Ryder hunts for a woman with a strong appreciation for music.

He never expected to find his muse, or fall in love.

Darkness that leads to passion…

Dancing was her life. Tired of working as a stripper at a seedy nightclub, Fallon responds to an ad in the newspaper for a private dancer. With her provocative moves she lands the position, and quickly loses herself in the stranger’s music. Haunting melodies laced with spells of seduction distort her perceptions and play with her emotions.

The path of passion and darkness unite…

In the name of love, one will have to make a sacrifice.

Private Dancer has many beautiful aspects to its love story. It uses a Gothic backdrop with a contemporary flavor to showcase a woman bent on surviving and a man who is about to give up.

Fallon’s character is a woman who, in today’s society, would be easily dismissed. She has not had an easy life and it forces her to make choices than many of us would not be willing to make. I liked her grit, her passion and her vulnerability. Fallon is written with enough detail to reach my emotions; enough for me to care what happens to her and to want a better life for her. Thing is, it looks pretty hopeless. She’s a sweet person and she’s trying to stay that way but I got the feeling that if she stayed an exotic dancer much longer, she would burn out and her inner flame–that hope that kept her going–would snuff out. I do not enjoy seeing nice people with potential getting used up and spit out by life.

Ryder is our hero. He’s a quiet man whose strength of character comes from the tragedy that befell him when he was younger. It took him awhile to figure things out but as we all know, girls mature faster than boys, right? He’s finally come to terms with his past and his mistakes in it; but to have a future he has to find his true love. Remember Beauty and the Beast? This is the vampire version and it’s just as sweet. Well, not at first, but you’ll figure that out. Ryder doesn’t growl and smash things, he seduces and bumbles because he wants her to love him so very much. I ended up feeling compassion for Ryder and hoped very hard that those nasty voices wouldn’t ruin his chances at happiness.

The seduction has metaphysical elements which I found sensual and poignant. I need a good bite scene with my vampire romances and Private Dancer delivered. It was quite yummy. For readers who have a dance background, this story might appeal very much. There were a lot of descriptives of dance moves that seemed quite well done. But only a true dancer would know for sure. I just know I liked it.

Private Dancer is a solid romance story with heat and passion. It generates desire for Fallon and Ryder’s happiness in life and a unique delivery to bring it all together. If vampires had their own romantic fairy tales then Private Dancer would be among them.


Reviewed by Xeranth

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