Review: An Honoured Wife

An Honoured Wife
By Viola Grace

One male Xarit, An Honoured Wife, a death, and two new husbands? Sounds like quite a week for Emily.

Emily has been abandoned by the Alliance on a planet inhabited by a race so alien it is toxic to her. Despite their differences, she has become the honoured wife of their chief.

When a shuttle caught in a comet’s tail falls to the planet, it is up to Emily to rescue the inhabitants. Her talent for precognition is a liability as she foresees the inhabitants of that shuttle becoming her mates. Both of them.

Will she leave her status behind to become the mate of two men she doesn’t know? Or will she remain on the planet to stay An Honoured Wife?

I have to say right off that this story had a decent storyline and was entertaining. It was set in a sci-fi fantasy world where Emily is content, if not happy, in her role as Honoured Wife to the tribal chief of the Xarit. As the Xarit are not physically compatible with humans, or Terrans (they are in fact poisonous to humans) the title of Wife is in name only. Her precognitive abilities are not very strong, but they do give her glimpses enough of the future that she knows to expect the two men she knows are her true mates.

The two male characters, Tabor and Vallej, are twin brothers of a race that is compatible with Terrans, and therefore with Emily. They had been sent to rescue her, but find themselves caught in the same comet tail that originally crashed Emily’s ship. They also knew beforehand that they were destined to be mates with Emily, if they could successfully rescue her from the planet she had disappeared on. When all three meet, the bond is unmistakable, and they set out to fulfill that bond.

I did have issues with this story. I felt the writing didn’t flow as well as it could have. In some areas it seemed rather stilted, and more informational than inspired. The love scenes between the three (yes, I said three) of them were definitely hot, and read a little easier. I realize that when the story is so short it is rather hard to get enough detail and descriptive phrases in to satisfy ones creativity as well as needing to get the information across that is needed to further the story, in that aspect it was well done.

However, despite the bumps, I enjoyed this story. It was entertaining to see how Tabor and Vallej reacted to the differences between their culture and Emily’s. It was touching how the two men were willing to bend over backwards for Emily when they felt she was upset. I really loved the concept of being so attuned to someone else, as the three of them were, and that it was actually a ritual and part of their culture to bind themselves closer than just physically. All in all, I enjoyed this story and would recommend it to any lovers of paranormal romance looking for a quick, fun read.


Reviewed by Viscaria

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