Review: A Dangerous Craving

A Dangerous Craving
By Amy Redwood

Chloe likes to steal–for her it s better than sex. For the last thirteen weeks, she steals flowers, and fantasizes about the man in the flower shop. When he catches her red-handed, she has the choice to turn fantasy into reality.

Daniel is a successful artist–a painter. While his sister recovers from an accident, he runs her flower shop–and tries to cope with his blocked creativity. Fascinated by the woman who steals each Friday a single flower, he hatches a plan to catch her and seduce her.

Whoa…seriously, whoa! I just finished A Dangerous Craving. I don’t usually read stories this hot, but this was surprisingly good. Amy Redwood takes the reader on a wild ride from start to finish. The first thing I noticed was the ease of her style of writing. There was nothing jarring or out of place. There is no purple prose. The pace was quite fast; the book is only 38 pages long.

As for the content itself, it’s pure fantasy. I don’t condone stealing or unprotected sex with strangers, but that’s why it’s fantastical. This is definitely a ‘bed time book’. Put the kiddies to bed and give the flannel pj’s the night off! I think I might read it again. Bravo Amy Redwood!


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