Resisting the Dream by Ann Marie James

Resisting the Dream by Ann Marie James
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

Can two overachievers discover how to make love work?

Nikolai is the fun-loving, flamboyant cousin of Sergei Barinov. He doesn’t know a lot about cars but is happy working as the desk person at Everyone’s Mechanic while he completes his doctorate in finance and accounting. While his parents never accepted who he was, he at least had Cousin Sergei’s family to love and support him. Comfortable in his own skin, he dresses according to his mood, which could be a skirt and makeup or sweatpants. He has crushed on Brandon since he met him but has never been able to be around him without doing something embarrassing. He would love a chance to show Brandon that he’s not just style without substance.

Brandon began interning with Sergei’s company in college and has since worked his way up to be his right-hand man. He is very regimented, likes his routines and needs to stay focused to complete his many duties for Sergei. Brandon is also balancing secretly raising his now-fifteen-year-old brother. He has watched from afar as Nikolai went from being a gangly, awkward teenager to a stunning adult. Brandon might wish he could take the time to get to know Nikolai better, but he doesn’t feel he can add one more thing to his already-full plate.

When Sergei tasks the pair to work together to plan an LGBTQ youth center, sparks fly. Will they decide to take a chance—or will outside forces ruin the possibility before they can even get started?

Can love be planned? Will the timing ever be right? Or should it be a case of Carpe Diem?

In the third book of the Everyone’s Mechanic series, Brandon has his life planned out. He’s got three more years to wait before he can date Nikolai, so until then, he will carry on ignoring him as best he can. Not the best plan, by any stretch of the imagination, and Sergei is quick to point out that someone else may just come along and snatch Nik up. Nikolai is going about his life the best way he knows how, keeping parts of it just to himself. I loved hearing about all the things he did that no one else knew about, not just a frivolous bit of fluff after all.

Things move swiftly for these two, and it is in a perfectly natural way. Nothing about their relationship seems forced in any way. Brandon is quick to reassure Nikolai that he adores his quirks and he isn’t going anywhere – that is until stress gets the better of him and he jumps to the wrong conclusion. I really wanted to slap Brandon upside the head at this point, but then Nik too as he avoided Brandon (something I may or may not be guilty of myself!)

This story was a great addition to the series. I haven’t read book two but will be now as I need to see more of ‘big personality with a heart of gold’ Sergei. This is one of those series where you read the stories and end up with a huge smile on your face and a sugar high from all the sweetness. Definitely recommended by me.

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