Rescued By A Mountain Man by Marin Black

Rescued By A Mountain Man by Marin Black
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (48 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Desperate for an escape, Jae Copeland takes a solo kayaking trip into the lush wilderness of the Smoky Mountains. When she ends up stranded and soggy, she makes camp and hopes to avoid dangerous, wild animals. She should have been more worried about dangerous, wild humans, but she’s both alarmed and thrilled when Hanson Sykes, a fellow kayaker, happens upon her. He’s an experienced mountain man…and sexy as hell.
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The sparks between them light up the uninhabited darkness, because survival in the mountains isn’t his only talent. He knows exactly how to touch her in ways that make her burn.

Jae had gone kayaking on the river to prove her ex-boyfriends parting comments – that she was worthless – were wrong. Instead, the larger than expected rapids broke her kayak and she finds herself stranded in the mountains. Luckily, her makeshift camp is found by Hanson, who was out camping. They share food and Hanson helps Jae out with his experience of the area. The attraction between them in instant, can one wild night turn into more?

I found this to be a fun and sexy short story. I enjoyed how even with things turn pear-shaped for Jae she didn’t get down on herself or let the bad situation ruin her efforts and mood. I found her reactions modern and relatable – determined to do things herself and do her best and her attitude was mostly positive, despite the specter of her horrid ex-boyfriend hovering for a while.

I also enjoyed how the romance built quickly between Jae and Hanson. While Jae didn’t just jump into Hanson’s arms – she had a few perfectly natural doubts and questions about getting intimate with a virtual stranger – the chemistry and discussion between the two soon put them both at ease and the sizzle between them turned erotic. I can understand this might be very fast for some readers – but with the short length of the story and the impulse of the moment I feel the author did a really good job with the parameters given. I also thought the chemistry and desire between Jae and Hanson was believable and well written.

Steamy and adventurous, I enjoyed this quick short story. While I feel the story had more of a Happy For Now style of ending than a more traditional Happy Ever After overall I found it fun, light and a sexy read.

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