Rescue Me by Olivia Starke

Rescue Me by Olivia Starke
1Night Stand Series
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (33 pages)
Other: F/F
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

When Abigail Winter’s stepsister sets her up with 1Night Stand, she can’t deny she needs a night away from the constant worry. Her cat rescue A Purrfect Home is in danger of closing, and she’s nearly out of options. Her date, Carlita, is gorgeous with soft curves that leave Abigail hungry for a taste. A perfect and passionate distraction for the evening.

Carlita Menedez is thrilled when she first lays eyes on her date, Abigail. Beautiful, and an animal lover, who more perfect for a former veterinarian? Her lithe form proves irresistible, and her kisses incredible. Their chemistry sizzles and when they come together, they find pure bliss in one another’s arms.

But disaster steals their night, and A Purrfect Home may already be lost. Will Carlita be the one person who can help Abigail save everything she’s worked so hard for?

It can be really difficult to step out of your comfort zone, but sometimes that’s the only way to move forward.

Some people are effortlessly suave and charming when they meet someone new. Neither Carlita nor Abigail is one of them, though, and the awkwardness between them only intensifies when they’re left alone together in the Lover’s Suite. Given the circumstances of their introduction, their first reactions are as believable as they are revealing of each woman’s personality.

With that being said, I would have liked to see a little more time for a transition between their initial awkwardness and everything that comes later. This is a minor criticism, but I did momentarily wonder what was happening during this scene.

I really enjoyed the plot twist that happens later on. It wasn’t necessarily something I was expecting to see happen, but once I reread it I picked up on a few clues that Ms. Starke had indeed tucked into earlier scenes. The events at the end were a big part of what earned this story such a good rating. It’s been added to the list of books I’d consider recommending to someone who was brand new to this genre.

The chemistry between Carlita and Abigail was picture perfect. A tale of this length doesn’t leave a great deal of room to explore the characters’ backstories, but I felt like I got to know both of these ladies pretty well based on what was revealed about their earlier lives. They share so much in common that it was easy to see why the sparks fly between them so soon.

Rescue Me is just what the veterinarian ordered for anyone in the mood for something short and sexy. Why not give it a try today?

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