Rescue Me by Janet Wallace

Rescue Me by Janet Wallace
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (180 pages)
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Rescue Me is the fictional story about the events and strange twists and turns of running a horse rescue. This 70,000 word story opens the readers eyes to the trauma horses endure and the happy/sad times of success and failure operating a horse rescue.

It’s all fun and games until someone hurts a horse. Best friends Debbie and Kate the two main characters. These two discover the true dark underbelly of the equine world. Both strong ladies fear very little or anyone. They become someone else when showing a fearless side many do not see when they find a kill buyer at a horse auction. This particular kill buyer fell onto the wrong side of the ladies. He mysteriously becomes permanently disabled in a freak situation.

Jerri, the vet is a strong woman who will be available for the rescue any time. She never is able to harden her heart when any horse must be put down.

Other rescue join in with the same fight to save horses. These gutsy women can be sweet gentle ladies and turn around to cuss like a drunken truck driver.

They assist the F.B.I. and other rescues when a horrific illegal horse slaughter house is discovered. Resulting in a mysterious fire while the two ladies watch the fire destroy the slaughter house and its surrounding buildings. As strong as these women are they have a vulnerable side when they lose a horse.
Time and time again they demonstrate the power of having a strong passion for what they believe in. Finally, Refusing to leave two stranded horse behind during a category three hurricane. They ride it out and discover the power of a happy ending.

Someone needs to speak out for all of the abused, neglected, and abandoned horses who can’t defend themselves.

I was pleasantly surprised by the humorous parts of the plot. Certain horses and humans were downright silly at times. Given the serious and often sad nature of this tale, it was nice to have these lighthearted moments. They broke the tension at exactly the right times and places.

This book would have benefited from more editing. I was distracted by the many spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors in it. There were also times when only the first half of a word appeared in the text or when the wrong word was used to describe something. This made it difficult to understand what the narrator was talking about because I had to make so many guesses about what those sentences actually meant.

The friendship between Debbie and Kate was nicely written. They had all of the old jokes and stories about each other that I’d expect to see with characters who have known each other for as long as these two have. Seeing them try so hard to save the animals under their care was fascinating. Both of them were at their best when they were working together on the hardest cases.

There were pacing issues. Sometimes the narrator sped through descriptions of how she rescued horses whose lives were in immediate danger. In other scenes she spent pages describing what happened at fundraisers and how she dealt with the politics of running of charity. Either style would have worked for the subject matter, but it felt odd to me to rush through a daring rescue only to then spend several scenes describing exactly what happened at a meeting or a fundraiser.

To be honest, some of the descriptions of animal abuse and neglect were difficult to read. Many of the horses experienced a lot of suffering before they were rescued by the main character, but these scenes were completely necessary in order to understand why Debbie was picky about who she allowed to adopt the horses once they were well enough to move onto their forever homes. Hearing about all of that mistreatment turned out to be exactly what I needed as a reader.

Rescue Me should be read by anyone who is passionate about animal rights.

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