Remember Me by Laura Browning

Remember Me by Laura Browning
Lyrical Press, Incorporated
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (182 pages)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

The plane went down…and took their love with it.

All Brandon Barlow-Barrett wants is a week away from his family’s newspaper empire, time on the slopes to relax and refocus. What he gets is Lucy Cameron, the most extraordinary woman he’s ever met.

Lucy Cameron doesn’t take vacations. Not until now. Her very first vacation is full of highs–falling in love with Brandon Barrett–and lows–realizing she has to tell him she earns her living as a stripper.

But there’s no time to reveal her secret. On the way back from a day trip to a neighboring Colorado town, their plane’s engine sputters and stops. All they have left is the dangerous peaks of the mountains, a nearby lake for a crash-landing, and Brandon’s last-minute declaration of love.

How many days does it take two complete strangers to fall in love?

Attracted at first sight when he saw her boarding the plane, Brandon Barlow-Barrett was more than pleased that Lucy Cameron would be vacationing at the same destination. An experienced skier, Brandon jumped at the chance to offer his assistance to teach Lucy how to ski. The first lesson opens the door to their romance and Brandon offers more than ski lessons. He invites Lucy to lunch, dinner and dancing. At first Lucy is hesitant but soon accepts his offers.

To be honest I really didn’t feel the sparks and love between Lucy and Brandon in the beginning. It felt more of a combination of lust and sexual appeal a love connection. Brandon withheld his family heritage and financial status. Lucy withheld her occupation. I would have liked for Lucy and Brandon’s romance to have lasted longer. After reading the book I realized the author was creating room for their love to grow. During the short time spent on the island, Brandon really knew how to win Lucy’s attention and trust. A dream come true for any woman to meet a handsome stranger where day and night, the two share extravagant lunches, dinner and dancing. Lucy not only got hands on ski training but a whole lot more than the vacation had to offer.

On the fourth day Brandon surprises Lucy with an outing aboard a small plane to go see a museum. On their way back to the ski resort the plane goes down. The pilot doesn’t make it and Brandon is injured and unconscious. Lucy survives with minimal injuries and is able to pull Brandon almost a mile in knee deep snow to safety. Once Lucy finds shelter, she goes into survivor mode and starts planning for their rescue. I was happy that Lucy was no girlie-girl and was able to handle being stranded, no sign of help coming and dealing with an injured man. She held it together well and planned like she had been trained for this type of situation. I would have liked to read more about them being stranded, if only to add some adventure. Even though Brandon couldn’t remember meeting Lucy due to his head injury this would have been an ideal time for them to really bond.

Once they were rescued Brandon’s hyphenated (Barlow-Barrett) upper class family flew to his aide. Due to his memory loss, Brandon is left with the mystery of who was the lady that saved him and why did she leave without being acknowledged as a hero. Meanwhile, Lucy is going through the motions and trying to get back to her life until she sees Brandon again. What happens next is what really made this book a true romance. It was the best ending for Brandon and Lucy’s story.

I did enjoy the novel. It was written so that you could move along each descriptive scene after the other with a full image of what the author detailed so proficiently in her well thought out plot. If you like your romance to have a slow but meaningful build, some real-life tension and issues and an HEA that is truly earned, you might enjoy Remember Me.

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