Reluctantly Royal by Nichole Chase

Reluctantly Royal by Nichole Chase
Publisher: Avon
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (384 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Quince

Maxwell Jameson Trevor, prince of Lilaria, hates his royal role. Despising the limelight, he takes solace in his art studio and steers clear of any drama. But when one of the newly discovered royals passes away, Maxwell’s brother Alex asks him to break the news to the old man’s granddaughter. Though he hates to be the bearer of doom and gloom, he doesn’t want the poor girl to find out from the tabloids. For Maxwell knows all too well how devastating that could be.

Coming from a broken home and modest background, newly ordained Lady Meredith Thysmer has seized her chance to make a better life for herself and her son. She’s not afraid to use her best assets to get what she wants. But when the unpretentious yet devastatingly handsome Max delivers his news, her plans for the future come crashing to a halt. In the challenging days ahead, Max’s compassion, humor, and steadfast loyalty to Meredith and her son win her over. She quickly finds herself doing something she swore would never happen again: falling in love. And yet Maxwell still refuses to completely drop his guard. Somehow Meredith’s got to find a way to seduce this reluctant royal.

Reluctantly Royal is the third story in the Nichole Chase’s “Royal” series. Like previous two stories in the series (Suddenly Royal and Recklessly Royal) it is set in fictional kingdom of Lilaria. The main characters of this story are Prince Maxwell Jameson Trevor D’Lynsal and Lady Meredith Thysmer.

Maxwell (Max) and Meredith are polar opposites in every possible way. Max is the middle child of the Lilaria’s royal family, but he is not very fond of the crown related duties; he particularly dislikes being in the spotlight. The reason lies in the fact that he found out from the tabloids that his father died. Meredith is, on the other hand, born in relative poverty, and she, together with her family, was invited recently to return to Lilaria in order to retrieve their title and lands. Also Meredith is a singer and is, actually, on her way to fame and success and the spotlights are inevitable part of her future career.

Two of them meet under very sad circumstances. Max was the one who had sought Meredith in London and informed her about her grandfather’s death. From London they went back together to Lilaria, and there the rest of the story took place. The story happened over the course of one week – a few days before Meredith’s grandfather funeral and a day after it. The part of the story related to Meredith being in Lilaria preparing the funeral has nice pace, and it is lovely written. But the part related to the Max and Meredith’s romance I find a bit rushed, because they felt the attraction, had sex, fell in love and Max proposed in the course of that one week. And all that while Meredith was going through very sad and hard period. Their relationship would be more realistic, and probably I would feel Meredith’s grief deeper if the pace of the romance was slower. Also the other shortfall of the story was Meredith relationship with her father. The author never fully revealed the root of his anger and bitterness toward Meredith. But even more frustrating for me was that their relationship never got a proper conclusion.

Regardless of these flows I enjoyed reading Reluctantly Royal. Besides being a funny and warm story, I enjoyed it because of the reappearance of the characters from the two previous books in the series. The other reason was that it had lovely characters and it was situated in magic Lilaria. For all of you who are planning to read this series please note it does not need to be read in order, but I highly recommend it because it will provide you better insight of the characters and it will give you better insight into royal family of Lilaria. I enjoyed all three books and they are definitely worth reading.

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