Reclaiming Angelica by Zena Wynn

Reclaiming Angelica by Zena Wynn
Publisher: Loose-Id
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (73 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fuchsia

Werewolf, Raul Santiago, learned a hard lesson early in life–never reveal to humans what you are. It’s an easy rule to adhere to until he meets Angelica Ruiz, his human mate. Now she’s asking questions he can’t answer because the risk of losing her too great.

When she leaves him, Raul’s determined to do whatever it takes to reclaim his mate. Once he does, he’ll discover his angel’s been keeping a few secrets of her own.

Raul Santiago learned at an early age that wolves did not fall in love with human women because they would break your heart. They could not accept you or the beast the lived inside you. His father taught him this after losing the woman he loved, Raul’s mother. So why is it so hard for Raul to stay away from Angelica, and after what his father told him why did Raul not want to give Angelica up?

Angelica Ruiz knows that the man she loves Raul Santiago has a secret and she wants him to tell her what it is; she has an idea but she wants to hear it from him. So she has to think of a way to get him to tell her so that she can then tell him the secret she has been harboring as well.

Reclaiming Angelica is a short story about two people who harbor life changing secrets. The characters were endearing, and I immediately liked Raul and Angelica, as well as all the supporting characters. There was a lot of background on Raul and the reasons why he didn’t want to tell Angelica his secret. I felt that because of the background information on Raul, it was easier to see why he kept silent and I was more sympathetic towards him.

The author also gave you a peek into what made Angelica keep her secret so that you as the reader would see both sides. These two characters together were hot and it would have been nice if the story was just a tad longer. Zena Wynn is a wonderful author who creates characters that you as the reader can feel invested in. Reclaiming Angelica is a good story, one which I think anyone would enjoy.

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