Quite the Catch by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Quite the Catch by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Short Story (95 pgs)
Heat Level: Hot
Rated: 4 stars
Reviewed by Snapdragon

Cherokee Federal Marshall Joshua Jericho Jenkins had a split second to choose his fate. When he jumped from a railroad trestle into the river below, he could have died but if he hadn’t leapt, the men chasing him would have killed him for sure.

He’s rescued from the water by a nurse, Tina Barlow, who’s out scattering her grandfather’s ashes. She takes him home and tends to his injuries. He’s also suffering from hypothermia and she does whatever’s necessary, including using her body heat to warm him. As Joshua recovers, they’re falling in love fast.

Some short-term memory issues rise but once he remembers who he is and what he was doing, things take a dangerous turn. Without time to properly prepare, Joshua and Tina face a gang of criminals and by the time the gunfire ends, lives will be lost. Whose and what the future holds is anybody’s guess.

The absolutely best part of Quite the Catch is the pace of the story. It begins with Joshua–gorgeous Joshua–running for his life, pursued and desperate. Murphy’s novella seizes the reader and holds you completely enthralled, start to finish. You’ll find your own heart racing…

Tina, in the midst of a sad memorial, is jolted unexpectedly into Joshua’s desperation. She can’t immediately understand the depth of the problem. She’s involved too quickly,  and she involves her cousin as well. There’s something compelling about Tina; she’s a nurse, she’s committed to help from the first, but she’s also willing to mislead to get others to help, too. Her commitment to provide aid–right from the beginning, in dubious circumstances–makes her an incredibly admirable character. She takes a risk for someone she doesn’t know. Is it her innate kindness we see at work, or does she feel a connection to Joshua from the start?

The author doesn’t give us a moment to contemplate; events keep coming at us quickly. The impact is largely in the unpredictable nature, so,  to avoid spoiler, let’s say neither thriller readers nor fans of hot romances will be disappointed.

I would have liked some reference that made it clear from the start that this was in a contemporary setting. There is something so ‘yesteryear’ in the opening, I was almost disappointed to find, later in the story, that it was set in present-day.

Quite the Catch is quite the exciting, quick read!

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