Primitive Nights by Candi Wall


Primitive Nights by Candi Wall
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary
Length: Full Length (315 pages)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Sunflower

Two different worlds…one distinct love.

As a member of Endurance International, Myla Jordan seeks to stop the illegal logging, diseases and displacement that threaten primitive South American tribes. While posing undercover as an engineer for one of the biggest industrial culprits—InterCorp—her helicopter crashes, stranding her in the Peruvian jungle. Captured and dragged before a tribal leader, she’s shocked by his light skin, green eyes, perfect English—and her body’s instant reaction to his touch.

The woman wearing an InterCorp insignia—yet protesting her innocence—is a direct threat to Damon Hanson’s people, yet he can’t bring himself to let her be killed. Raised in the tribe, taught the ways of the outsiders by his English mother, he knows of only one way to protect the foolish woman. Toss her over his shoulder, declare she is his…and somehow resist the temptation she presents.

Their powerful attraction gradually—sometimes painfully—overcomes suspicion. Yet even as their love grows as fast and wild as the rainforest, it may not be enough to overcome the common enemy that seeks to destroy them all.

She fights for them, their rights, and he fights for her to stay…In a world where opposites prove to be deadly, Myla and Damon beat the odds and find a love that’s powerful enough to bring two very different lives together…Primitive Nights is dangerous, delightful, and powerful.

Myla works for a company that Damon’s people don’t like. Myla is innocent as they come, but she’s taken captive anyway. I love her character. She’s strong, fierce, independent and is a true believer. Many women may not have survived the ordeal that Myla goes through, but she comes out tougher than ever. And no matter what, she sticks to her guns.

Damon doesn’t want to, but he feels something for Myla. She’s beyond a threat to his kind, if only he could prove to others just what he feels. Damon is a great hero, a perfect match for Myla, but the odds they must overcome to be together are very high. The world is stacked against them.

The pace, setting and flow is this story were fairly constant. The characters were well fleshed out, although at times, they didn’t appear to be three dimensional and I couldn’t connect. Overall, this story engaged me and kept me turning the pages. I’d like to see more from this author, as this book grabbed my attention. I love a story where different cultured people come together despite everything. There’s action, adventure, love and so much more that make Primitive Nights a great read. Why not spend your night reading this book?


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