Playing The Lines by J. Colby

Playing The Lines by J. Colby
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (44 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Photographer Elliot is near the top of his field and loves his work, even if it means putting up with models like Cory: beautiful, egotistical, and aggravating. Then a photoshoot in Norway shows there’s more to Cory than Elliot thought, and he agrees to dinner despite himself.

But even if he’s not completely a brat, it’s well known Cory prefers to play rather than settle. And Elliot isn’t interested in being anyone’s toy—no matter how persuasive and persistent Cory proves to be.

Elliot is a professional photographer and always finds himself snappish when he’s working with male model, Cory. Cory is a desperate flirt with a delicious ass Elliot has had trouble forgetting. Cory is a consummate professional though, and so Elliot keeps his thoughts to himself. Cory invites Elliot out to dinner after the shoot ends for the day, and after a bit of persuading, Elliot finally finds himself agreeing. Is there more to the beautiful model than first meets the eye?

This is a fun short story. I love the sharp interactions between Cory and Elliot. I enjoyed how both men are strong characters who didn’t back down. Cory is determined to get to know Elliot better, and Elliot is determined to not give in to his crush on Cory. One memorable dinner will have them both discovering more about each other than they could have dreamed possible, and changing their relationship – personal and professional – forever.

I found the pace of this story really great. The author keeps Cory and Elliot moving forward, I didn’t think they lagged at all, but there’s no rush. This isn’t a “they meet and immediately have sex” style of story, but more in depth. I loved watching Cory and Elliot fence with each other (figuratively) and verbally spar. Evenly matched, the more I watched them speak and get to know each other, the better matched I found them each to be. When they finally culminated all that electric, sexual tension, I thought it was a wonderful thing to behold. A strongly passionate M/M love scene, I was thrilled when they finally came together. Add in a deliciously happy ending and I really loved this story. I will definitely be giving it more than a few re-reads. Recommended.

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