Phone Home by Brantwijn Serrah

Phone Home by Brantwijn Serrah
Publisher: Breathless Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (17 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

What to do when your honey’s traveling but you’ve just got to have some fun? For Catie and Ryan, good times are only a phone call away…

Ryan’s on a road trip with friends, which means Catie is by herself for a long—and lonely—weekend. When the phone rings just before midnight, though, she can guess what it means: Ry’s lonely too, but he’s not about to let miles of road stop them from having a hot night together.

Catie and Ry are very happily married. While Ry’s away on a road trip though, what’s a girl to do except dress up in her sexy lingerie and read a deliciously smutty book? When Ry calls home though, things quickly heat up, and both Catie and Ry realise that just because they’re not in the same room doesn’t mean they can’t be together…

Scorching hot, so make sure you have some icy water on hand when reading this. Although it’s a very short story, the smoking hot chemistry explodes between Catie and Ry. Deliciously descriptive, it makes me long for the next time my partner goes away — who could guess a late night phone call could be so arousing! Vividly detailed, this is enough to make you blush, so I wouldn’t recommend a read of it on the train or any place public. Hot and sensual, it sure got me breathing hard and all worked up.

There is no pretense of a plot, but in a sense that made it better. I liked how the author focused only on Catie and Ry, and their naughty call. No plot is better than a half-baked one, in my opinion. I’ll definitely be looking at other works by this author. Recommended for a quick read, something to get you in the mood when your man is readily on hand or only a quick phone call away.

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