Paranormal Sightings – Richmond England by Judy Marriott


Paranormal Sightings – Richmond England by Judy Marriott
Publisher: Whispers Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (89 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

When Jacob, a werewolf and an American agent for the, ‘Centre for World Wide Paranormal Sightings,’ arrives in England to investigate an increase in werewolf activities, he rents a room in the farmhouse of the beautiful Lovelle. He is intensely attracted to her but he knows she is forbidden fruit.

Immediately, Lovelle knows that Jacob is the man for her. But he is just ‘passing through’ and she does not need any further complications in her life.

It’s lust at first sight but both Lovelle and Jacob know that their desires cannot be indulged; Jacob must destroy the negative forces in the area and she has to save her family inheritance.

When blond-haired, blue eyed Jacob Weisman is sent on an assignment to investigate the rapid growth of werewolves being reported in the Northern England area, he wasn’t expecting to discover the beautiful owner of the bed and breakfast, Lovelle.

It’s lust at first sight, but Lovelle is overwhelmed with trying to save her family farm, Fresh Fields, and still grieving the loss of her fifty five year old father who recently died from a heart attack. With all these worries, her attraction to Jacob might be the harmless diversion she needs, however he obviously is not attracted to her, or is he?

Unbeknownst to Lovelle, werewolves do exist. She definitely isn’t aware that they are among her. As the days go along in Jacob’s investigation he discovers the reason for the increase of werewolves in the area along with Andrew Sempton who is not only interested in purchasing Lovelle’s farm but also interested in her. Even though Jacob knows he can’t have Lovelle because she is a hundred percent human, it still doesn’t stop his surge of jealousy. But then, nor can Sempton have Lovelle either, because he is a werewolf also.

The author did a wonderful job of creating believable characters. She is very descriptive in giving you a visual of the characters appearance and clothing attire. She also gives a great visual of the scenes in and around the Richmond castles. I liked how she gave a great visual description of the transformation from human to werewolf. I enjoyed the attraction between Lovelle and Jacob and also the element of them not being able to act on their attraction due to dishonoring and going against the werewolves rules.

I recommend Paranormal Sightings Richmond England for those that enjoy romance novels and looking for a paranormal twist.

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