Painter’s Pride by Emily Carrington

Painter’s Pride by Emily Carrington
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday (Christmas)
Length: Short Story (50 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Jason and Aaron have been together since Aaron was a freshman. Now Aaron is a senior and getting ready to pursue his art career in NYC. But Aaron, growing up poor, can’t quite believe that anyone would want to help him support his talent – not even his lover, Jason. As they near the holidays, Aaron sinks into despair.
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Jason believes in Aaron, but his boyfriend’s refusal to let him help is pulling them apart. Will the season of hope bring them together or will it destroy their love forever?

Jason and Aaron had been in a long-distance relationship for quite a while, but now that Aaron was almost finished with his classes they were determined to try and take their relationship to the next level – living together full time. Jason and Aaron love each other, but Aaron’s proud determination to pay for everything himself and his lack of income from his painting has put strain between the two men. Will their love survive them both living together?

This is an interesting and complicated story. Jason and Aaron are a well-established couple, which I found lovely, but Aaron had a few difficult patches in his a history and both men have a lot of emotions going on what with them both trying to take their relationship to the next level. I liked though that Jason and Aaron were fully dedicated to each other romantically, but still trying to find their feet as they explored living their lives together. Aaron is learning to settle in to New York and spreading his wings with his artistic career, and Jason is trying to work out how to support and assist Aaron without over-stepping the line or hurting Aaron’s strong proud streak. It’s not easy or simple so this really forms the meat of the plot to my mind.

There’s a decent amount of explicit sex – again the love and devotion between the two men is quite clear. Readers looking for a strongly erotic story might not find the heat level satisfying. And while it’s only mentioned a few times in passing, there are some fairly disturbing events in Aaron’s past that he has had to overcome and I don’t feel they’ll be palatable to all readers. There’s just a small amount of Christmas cheer (things like carols and gift-giving) but not enough to be overwhelming this is an interesting and different style of story that I enjoyed.

A little sad, a lot hopeful and with loads of emotion this is a lovely short story.

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