P.A. Partner by Raven McAllan

P.A. Partner by Raven McAllan
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (34 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Martin has had the hots for his boss for as long as he can remember, so when Byron declares he needs a date to keep his mother off his back, of course Martin jumps at the chance.

He has one condition—he wants a night of unbridled sex with his boss. From P.A. to partner, can they make it last, or is this strictly a one time only offer?

Martin has sent off countless “”Dear John” letters for his boss, Byron. As his PA, Martin knows plenty of the secrets Byron has, and knows all his boss’ tastes. Buy Byron never looks at Martin as anything other than his PA, his helper. But when Byron needs a partner for lunch with his mum Martin is talked into going. When offered a reward for going along with the deception Martin decides to go for broke. He wants a night of passion – with Byron.

This is a fun, fast paced short story that I really enjoyed. Even though the plot is fairly straightforward – PA lusts after boss, who returns that regard and they hook up after a long period of desiring each other – I still found this to be fairly fresh. Both men move very quickly with each other once they confess their desire. Some readers might have liked a bit more foreplay to drag the tension and chemistry, but I found myself caught up in Martin and Byron’s longing. They’d both already waited so long, why continue to deny themselves?

The sex is smoking hot. I enjoyed the slight hint of BDSM and would have really liked a bit more depth to this side of their blossoming relationship. While there was talk of various BDSM elements they never actually got there “on screen”. The sex was hot and descriptive, and I enjoyed it, but think after their talking I would have found more satisfaction had it been darker, or less rushed – more how they talked to each other and built their desire up. The happy ending was, however, delightful and made my romantic side sigh with happiness. A good, short story that I greatly enjoyed.

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