Owned By The Club by Sam Crescent

Owned By The Club by Sam Crescent
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (60 pgs)
Other: Multiple Partners, Anal Play, M/F
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Rosie needs money, and she needs it fast. She took a loan out to install a café for her dream book shop, and the money was stolen. The only way she can save herself is to go to the Old Boyz, who own the local bar. They’re dangerous, and she knows it will cost her, but there has to be something she can do for the five men who could be her saviors.

Pops has wanted Rosie for years, and he knows his friends do as well. The Old Boyz are not like other men. There are five of them, all best friends, and they have a craving to share one woman. With Rosie needing their help, Pops knows he finally has a chance to claim her for all of them. She is the one woman they all want. Now they just have to convince her that being with five men will be the best thing that has ever happened to her.

But how can Rosie love five men? She hasn’t had the best experience when it comes to relationships, and she doesn’t think she’s right for them.

It’s up to Pops, Billy, Marshall, Gavin, and Ethan to prove to Rosie they mean business. Surely there’s no chance of her saying no. Who could?

Rosie has heard the stories about the Old Boyz – “you take one you take them all” – but the guys had never been anything but good to her. So Rosie swallows her embarrassment and goes to see Pops when her little book shop is in desperate need of an infusion of cash. Pops, Billy, Marshall, Gavin and Ethan all make their thoughts crystal clear. They’ll help her out with the loan, but she’ll belong to them – completely and totally. Is Rosie up for it?

I really enjoyed this story. In some ways it’s like a mad fantasy – five men loving on one woman – and who wouldn’t want that? But a part of me wasn’t too sure to begin with. I mean, logistics alone had me curious how it would actually work. I was pretty happy that I gave this story a shot because it really did work out well to my mind. The guys weren’t cardboard cut outs, they were each fairly distinctive and particularly as the story progressed I found I liked them all for different reasons. I fell in particular love with Gavin. He reminded me a little of Eeyore, gloomy and pessimistic but soft, caring and really tender underneath it all. And in his own way Gavin was even more in love with Rosie than anyone except possibly for Pops. The characters in this story were vibrant and really made the story shine to my mind.

The sex was also pretty hot. It was a little convoluted, with so many characters present, but I really didn’t feel like it was Tab A, B and C with Slot D – often one or more of the guys were happy to watch, or merely touch as they waited their turn. It read to me as sensual and sharing – not like a gang-bang or at all crude. This really helped save the story for me and eased all my earlier worries. I definitely felt like the romance and tenderness was present and that kept the story from being what it could have turned into – more pornographic than romantic.

Certainly a different style of story, I really enjoyed this and was delighted to find Rosie get her groove on with the five Old Boyz. A happy ending rounded it all out and I really found this a satisfying, hot and sexy read.

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