Outcast Son by Emily Carrington

Outcast Son by Emily Carrington
(Wolf Schooled 3)

Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short story (62 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Play, Toys, Spanking
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Cast out of his pack for being psychic, Seiji seeks a home. Though he thinks of himself as lesser and doesn’t believe anyone could ever want him, he still yearns for love.
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Nicholas sees all of Seiji’s potential, but he finds it difficult to be attracted to someone who’s so lost. Will Nicholas’ capacity for loving kindness help Seiji find himself and what his heart desires most?

Seiji was treated as little better than a slave in his birth pack so despite the fact he hasn’t settled well into SearchLight Acadamy, he feels more at home there than anywhere else. After flunking the first class of Werewelsh, Seiji knows he will need help in passing it the next time around. Nicholas agrees to tutor Seiji and they each end up leaning a lot more than expected.

This is an interesting and intensely plotted short story. Readers looking for a complicated paranormal world with loads of different elements will likely find this exactly what they’re looking for. I felt a little overwhelmed trying to keep a handle on the various paranormal entities, plus various packs, leaders and different rules and leadership styles mentioned. It felt a little complicated as there were a number of different styles and systems that all interacted together. It could have been more difficult for me, personally, as I’m not used to stories and worlds that juggle so many different moving parts like this, but I feel it will be excellent for readers who enjoy complexly plotted worlds and intricate interactions like this.

I really enjoyed Seiji and Nicholas’ characters. I wasn’t certain at first if they were well suited – Seiji being a little introverted and repressed due to his pack’s intolerance and Nicholas being a far more open and free spirited type of character. But I was pleased to see the two men brought out the best in each other, Nicholas showing Seiji that exploring his sexuality was a good thing and Seiji helping to give a bit of calmness and direction to Nicholas. I really felt like the two men complimented each other in all sorts of areas and I was pleased to watch their relationship flourish and deepen to something more than a summer fling.

I was also pleased that even though Seiji and Nicholas became intimate fairly early on in the story, their relationship deepened and grew more serious quite slowly. This gave them both a chance to overcome their personal differences and two vastly different upbringings. I enjoyed seeing them both come to find a middle road and it made their relationship and the strength of their feelings for each other a lot more realistic and believable to me.

With a strongly plotted and complicated paranormal world and two interesting main characters with plenty of hot and explicit sex this is a good short story that I feel will appeal to many readers.

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